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How five months has already passed since my last blog post, I have no idea! If you follow me on Instagram at @instyleofemily you'll have noticed that I mainly use that as my platform of choice now. Instagram is great because I can share my love of fashion and styling in a way that is quick and easy, which means I am much more consistent at posting every couple of days. I still really love my blog and writing posts but life has just been full speed ahead, and when you're working full time in another profession, hobbies sometime take a back seat even if we don't want them too. 

However, I want to make sure I'm setting some time by to focus more on blog writing for the rest of the year, and make this platform come back to life. Starting with a little update on what I've been loving throughout these past few Summer months (apart from the glorious heatwave we're having in London which is amazing!).


Denim dresses
I've now got two denim dresses in my wardrobe including this white one (pictured) and another mid-wash blue. I feel like they're all I'm reaching for at the moment because they're so easy to throw on and give off a relaxed vibe which I love during Summer. If you're someone who lives in jeans throughout the rest of the year then this is a great seasonal alternative. They can be dressed up with certain accessories and be worn alone as a dress, or made to look more casual thrown over a graphic tee and paired with trainers. An instant outfit and timeless piece as denim is always a trend.

During Summer months I love wearing white. Its great for enhancing your natural tan and glow, and brightens up your whole style instantly as it reflects the light, making it seasonally appropriate. White is always quite tricky to pull off in Winter months because the rainy/windy weather means items of clothing are more susceptable to getting marks/dirt on, making them a lot more impractical to wear (especially white jeans). I also feel as though wearing white makes an outfit appear more 'chic' and 'put together' without having to put in the effort, because pieces in white generally look higher in quality. If you're also a lover of wearing a lot of jewellery, then wearing white enhances the accessories you're wearing because the clothing appears a lot simpler and understated - I personally love layering gold necklaces over a white blouse/dress because the metallic tones stand out a lot more.

Brands I'm currently loving at the moment are:
Nasty Gal - always has the latest trend pieces, affordable price point and something for any occasion. I love their casual/everyday items, but also recently bought a beautiful playsuit from here for a wedding.

ASOS - this is always a fail safe when you're looking for something to wear and their swimwear/holiday range is always great with so many choices.

Primark - usually a store that I stay clear from in all honesty, mainly due to it being too busy and untidy meaning you can't look at anything properly. However they have really upped their game this season with the quality of their items and trend pieces. If you manage to get there early in the morning when it first opens (before the crowds get in), you can find some real gems and amazing dupes for designer pieces which are so affordable. Yes the quality isn't fab, but you get what you pay for and it's great for basics too. It's worth rummaging around sometimes, and the home section is cute too.


Make-up wise I haven't really changed too much in my everyday routine, and when the weather is hot I like to keep it as minimal as possible and only wear a tinted moisturiser/CC cream. However, during Summer I love wearing more peachy tones and the L'Oreal 'Life's a peach' blusher is my favourite. It's really pigmented and has beautiful gold flecks running through the powder meaning it gives your cheeks a lovely glow. Very affordable and also comes with a mirror and small brush which is great for on-the-go. I also use this blusher as an eyeshadow to tie in my whole look.

Another thing I'm loving at the moment is my blonde balayage! My hair over the years has been every colour imaginable (went through the teen stage of wanting it bright red/purple), but I've always wanted to try a blonde that suited me. My hair colour is naturally dark brown, which during the colder months I really like, but I wanted something lighter and more fresh looking for Summer. Usually salons find it difficult to lighten my hair to a blonde that I'm happy with as the base colour is so dark - but I visited Samantha Cusack London and they made my hair dreams come true! They specialise in the balayage technique and have managed to keep my root colour my natural brown, whilst giving me the blonde throughout the rest of my hair that I've always wanted. Dream team. I'll definitely keep the blonde for a while and it's the happiest I've been with my hair in a long time.


Book time
I've decided to write a fictional novel! Not for any reason in particular other than I had a very vivid dream which I thought would make a great story. I'm not writing it in a serious way or for a purpose as such, it's just something for me to dabble in when I have some down time and I think it's a good de-stresser. I love writing, and as I've got older I'm a lot more into reading books, and love that you can get lost in a completely different world. My job as a nurse can be quite draining and exhausting at times (both physically and mentally), so it's nice to have something on the side to take my mind off work and focus on something different. I'm only 3 chapters in, but I'm not putting any pressure on finishing it in a certain amount of time - just whenever I get a burst of creative energy.

Series of the moment
'Sons of Anarchy'. My boyfriend and I wanted a new series to watch after Love Island had finished (yes, we love it), and I had heard a few recommendation for this one on Netflix. We're about 8 episodes in and absolutely love it. It's based around a motorcycle gang in California, who basically get into all sorts of troubles, but it's so gripping. Although do be warned, it it quite violent and heavy at times so maybe not something for a light-hearted watch! The characters are amazing though and I don't know anyone who wouldn't fall a bit in love with the main guy 'Jacks' - dreamy.

Those are the main things I wanted to mention for now, there's probably so many more that I'll now think of! Will be back in the near future with another post and hopefully get back into the swing of things around here!

What I'm wearing:
Top - Topshop >> now £15
Dress - Primark £12 
Belt - Primark £4
Cardigan - Zara (last season) >> this seasons
Boots - Primark £16

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