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Let’s start off by saying Happy New Year! I hope you all had the best Christmas and New Year’s Eve whatever you got up to. My Christmas was short and sweet, having just 3 days at home with family and friends, however it was was lovely. Being a nurse you can end up working all over Christmas as the hospital obviously never closes, so I was very grateful to have a few days off this year to go home.

New Year’s Eve was also fab, spending it with my boyfriend Charlie and some of our close friends indoors playing card games, drinking prosecco, watching the fireworks on TV and having lots of laughs - the best kind of evening. I don’t really like going out on New Year’s…too busy, too expensive and never ends up being as good a night as you hope it will be. But here we are…in 2018!

I see a lot of people quote ‘new year, new me’ around this time of year, but I don’t really like that phrase. I think it’s great to set yourself new goals, new improvements and new dreams for the new year, but I don’t think you should ever try to change yourself into a new person completely. Mostly because that won’t ever happen. You can’t change who you are and become a new person, so there’s no point in trying, but what you can do is build upon who you are already. I have my own faults, as we all do, and as the years go on we are constantly changing, growing and learning and developing (hopefully) into a better version of ourselves - and each new year we can reflect on what we’ve learnt and how we’ve grown as a person. I’m still the same me, and will always be the same me, but hopefully becoming a ‘better me’ as we all hope to be.

So then we come onto resolutions…some people don’t like to set any at all which is fine, and others always do. I always do. I have a little notebook which I’ve written my resolutions in for the last 6 years, and I love getting to New Year’s Eve and ticking off what I’ve managed to achieve and write a new list. I don’t ever look at the un-ticked goals as a failure, because you can’t predict what the future year has in store and some things just aren't meant to be. It’s just a way to reflect on the past year and think about what is important to you going forward.

I love travelling and visiting new places, and I always hope for as many adventures as possible. It also helps to have something to look forward to when you’re working full time! This year I hope to go away with my mum somewhere (we're aiming for New York), also somewhere with Charlie my boyfriend and also go on the annual group with my friends. Charlie and I have already booked to go to Amsterdam at the end of this month so we’re starting off well!

Career improvement and progress:
I started my new job in cancer care nursing in August and absolutely love it. It’s one of the most rewarding jobs and everyday is a new challenge, despite how tiring and hard it can be at times. However, it’s easy to get complacent in your job, so I want to make sure I’m striving for improvements, continuing to learn as much as I can and focus on where I want to go with it and how to get there.

Get back into fitness:
Last year I ran the London Marathon which was such an amazing experience and my fitness levels were the best they had ever been. However after completing that, I decided to take a break from exercising to rest my body, but never really got back into it. This year I want to get my fitness levels back up and look after my body properly. I’m thinking of either re-joining the gym, doing some fitness classes, or maybe looking at getting back into ballet as that is amazing for strength and toning. 

Read more:
Every year this is one of my resolutions and every year it remains un-ticked. But I’m hoping to spend less time on my phone in the evenings and more time reading instead to help switch off my brain. I’ve got a bookcase full of half-read books and I need to finish them!

Take more photos and print them out:
I love having memories to look back on and remembering all the fun times had with friends and family. I always take a lot of photos on my phone, but they never end up going anywhere apart from staying on my phone. I want to make sure I’m printing the best ones out every now and again and putting them in an album to look at.

Blog more:
I loveeee blogging. I love taking photos, editing photos, thinking of content, babbling on about different topics that I want to talk about, or writing small snapshot posts on my current favourite outfit of the moment. Whatever it is, fashion, beauty, lifestyle or travel, I want to write about it on here regardless of who reads it. Juggling a full time job which is as busy as nursing, and trying to fit in blog posts regularly is difficult, but now that I’m more settled in my job, hopefully I can find the balance to do both a bit more. 

Try not to let social anxiety take over:
I could write a whole blog post about this, and I probably will at some point because I know so many other people have this as well. But I’m going to ‘try’ and not worry about what other people think of me as much, and to not worry about what to say, when to say, and have the confidence in myself that I used to have. No more fading into the background or thinking I'm irrelevant in certain situations. We are all important in different ways. 

Make a London list:
I've lived in London now for over a year, but there are still so many things and places I want to visit. It's so easy to get caught up in life and work that you forget to appreciate what is around you. I'm going to make a list of restaurants, exhibitions, coffee shops, markets, bars and new areas that I want to explore. London is such a fun, vibrant and exciting place to live and I feel like I haven't even scratched the surface.

Let me know what some of your resolutions are if you have any, and I hope you all have the best year yet. 

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Trousers - Topshop
Shoes - Topshop (similar > here)
Bag - Zara
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Necklace - Topshop

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