Friday, 12 January 2018


It's that time of the month...not the time of the month you're probably thinking of (girl probs), but the time of the month where we're all feeling that motivation slump. It's cold, rainy and dull outside and it feels like we're only getting a few hours of daylight. But the biggest downer probably is that the holidays are officially over. It feels like so long to go until the Summer starts, holidays begin and motivating days of sunshine are upon us, but we can't let these next couple of months be a burden to get through.

1) Always have something to look forward to.

It doesn't have to be a big occasion, but having something to look forward to always makes the dull, boring days more bearable. Even if it's just a friend's birthday, a mini trip away, a shopping trip with the girls, or a family catch-up, it's good to book things in your diary for your days off from work and make the most of your time. That way, you don't really notice how long you've got left to work until your next week of annual leave, or your big Summer holiday, because you've got smaller things in between to keep you occupied! For me, it's my birthday at the end of this month and I've got a trip to Amsterdam booked...those are what's keeping me going for the next couple of weeks!

2) Treat yourself:

It doesn't have to be anything expensive, or even anything involving money at all, but it's good to treat yourself every now and again and make time for yourself. January is a busy month for a lot of people, getting back into the swing of working life again and getting everything organised for the year ahead, but it's important to look after yourself as well. Even if it's something simple like going for a couple of drinks after work with colleagues, or buying that jacket in the sale that you've had your eye on for ages, or even switching off for an hour in the evening and having a bubble bath whilst catching up on your favourite programme. Just something for yourself, a little pick me up - we all deserve a little something for ourselves. 

3) Organise yourself:

There's no point in writing resolutions and plans for the year if you're not going to start working towards them right now. I feel like January is one of those 'wasted' months that you spend moaning about the weather, your lack of money after Christmas (trust me, I feel ya - payday feels forever away), and 'trying' to get the year started. But it's important not to waste this month. Start planning, organising and working towards your goals for the year and make the most of each day because before we know it, the year would have once again passed. I've already filled out my diary for the year with important dates, occasions and events so that I can plan ahead.

4) Say yes.

I know that this is easier said than done, however January is a month where it is very easy to stay indoors more, put off doing things because it's 'too cold' (I'm the worst for this) and just being very unmotivated about everything in general. But this month I'm trying to say yes more, and to start the year as I mean to go on. It's about making the effort to do things that maybe you 'can't be bothered' to do, but actually you would really enjoy. Going out for a walk at the weekend at getting some fresh air even though it's freezing cold, catching up with friends after work even though you're tired and it's dark outside, setting your alarm on your day off so that you don't waste the day in bed. Do more and don't make excuses - there's always more layers that can be worn and other days to be lazy when there aren't any plans.

5) Stop moaning:

I am guilty of this myself, as I think we all are, but January shouldn't be a month for moaning. If you live in a country that has seasons like the UK, we should embrace this. Some people love Winter and all that is has to bring, but myself and many others prefer the warmer months. However, I feel like we as Brits should get a grip a little. Yes, it's cold and wet and dark, however this is nothing new. So why do we continue to moan every year about the weather when we know how it's going to be. We should be embracing the seasons and make the most of each of them equally. Indulge in Winter style and make the most of all your cosy jumpers and boots, drink endless amounts of hot chocolate, light candles in the evening, put the fire on and make the most of indoor activities. When Summer comes around, I guarantee we will probably moan about it being too hot and will miss the cold, crisp days - so make the most of it all!

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Wednesday, 3 January 2018


Let’s start off by saying Happy New Year! I hope you all had the best Christmas and New Year’s Eve whatever you got up to. My Christmas was short and sweet, having just 3 days at home with family and friends, however it was was lovely. Being a nurse you can end up working all over Christmas as the hospital obviously never closes, so I was very grateful to have a few days off this year to go home.

New Year’s Eve was also fab, spending it with my boyfriend Charlie and some of our close friends indoors playing card games, drinking prosecco, watching the fireworks on TV and having lots of laughs - the best kind of evening. I don’t really like going out on New Year’s…too busy, too expensive and never ends up being as good a night as you hope it will be. But here we are…in 2018!

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