Friday, 7 July 2017


Like most girls, I do love getting dressed up for parties or events, but most of the time you will find me in a t-shirt, jeans and a pair of trainers day-to-day. I'm a real casual girl at heart, and as much as it's nice to make the effort and get glammed up from time to time, I'm all about feeling comfortable and having to put minimal effort into an outfit - literally just a 'get up and go' type of look. 

As I said, 80% of the year you will find me in jeans...and I actually have quite a few pairs in different colours, wash and fit - my favourite being the good old classic Topshop Jamie Jeans. But obviously as it comes to Summer and the weather is a lot warmer, it's nice to get out of jeans and actually get some air (and sun) to your legs...and not straying too far away from my trusty jeans, this Summer I've been living in my denim skirt.

Usually I'm more of a denim shorts kinda gal, but this year I've definitely been more into skirts and dresses and I feel like the denim skirt has made a popular come-back from when I used to wear one in my younger childhood. It's so quick to throw on, goes with ANYTHING (similar to jeans - probably why I love it) and it so effortless and easy to wear. It's now become my Summer staple with a simple tee and either trainers or sandals - an outfit put together in about 30 seconds. Not only is it an easy, go-to, simple outfit, but I think it somehow looks like you've actually put in more thought to your outfit than you really have...a bit like that 'off-duty model' look that we all want to subtly achieve (basically looking cool without trying).

There are loads of denim skirts out there right now, from different styles to different colours, but this classic blue denim one is my favourite - especially with the frayed edges. So, as we're on the subject, I've linked a few of my other favourites down below which are also currently on my wish-list...and seeing as I have been wearing this so much, it might be time to expand my collection - maybe even rivalling my jeans collection!


T-shirt - Topshop (old)
Skirt - Topshop
Trainers - Nike via ASOS
Bag - H&M
Bracelet - Pandora
Watch - Olivia Burton
Sunglasses - Topshop

Pastel - Topshop
Vibrant - New Look via ASOS
Metallic - Missguided
Embroidered - Missguided via ASOS
Wrap - ASOS


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