Saturday, 24 June 2017


I used to have the mindset that every season I needed to buy new clothes. Summer would come around and I would think 'I've got no Summer clothes', and then end up buying more dresses, bikini's, skirts etc that I would then forget about again next year.

But this Summer, I've pulled out most of my 'last season' clothes and am re-discovering old items and falling in love with them again. This red dress is a prime example...I bought this a couple of years ago  from New Look for my holiday to Marrakech, and whilst it is 'old', I feel like it's a new addition to my wardrobe because I haven't worn it in so long. 

Yes I think it's good to buy a few new bits each year, because there are some items that either no longer fit, no longer suit you or are no longer wearable...but there are probably a lot of items that you own that you've completely forgotten about! We get so sucked into new trends each year that we feel as though we have to keep up and buy everything new...but actually you've probably got a lot of it already sitting in your wardrobe because trends seem to come back around each year. 

Especially as someone who loves blogging about fashion, I sometimes feel pressured to have to keep buying new items to feature, when actually I just can't afford to do that! I'd feel bad if I feature something on my blog that is no longer available to buy, however it struck me that that's not what is important to me. I don't blog about fashion because I want people to buy what I'm wearing...I want to inspire others and give people ideas for their own style. I often read other blogs and take ideas from them and try to incorporate those ideas into what I've got already. I can't afford to buy designer handbags and dresses...and whilst I can dream of a day that I will be able to, for now I will have to just take inspiration. That's what made me realise that I don't have to always feature new items on my blog, and that it's okay to re-wear items. I used to fear being seen in the same outfit twice, but that's just ridiculous...if you buy something you love then you should wear it again and again until it's no longer wearable - cost per wear people!

Going forward, I'm always going to look at what clothes I've got before going and buying more...because sometimes you end up with two items that are near enough the same! It's like having a one-in-one-out policy...if you buy something new then you should either sell or donate another item that you no longer want - this will solve having 'too' many clothes and the risk of forgetting what you have. Only keep items that you really love, and if you don't think you will wear something next season, then it will surely find a better home with someone else.


Dress - New Look (old)
Shoes - Primark


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