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I know that I have been really bad at keeping up with monthly favourites, both on here and on my YouTube channel (which I am going to focus more on this year). So, I thought instead of promising to do monthly favourites, I would just tell you about my current favourites now and again when I have a collection of things to show. Sometimes I don't really have any new monthly favourites, so at least this way there is no pressure to find something to talk about.
Recently, there haven't really been any style favourites in particular, mainly because I've been living in jumpers and scarves, but I have got some new beauty favourites which I wanted to share with you.

Hourglass Vanish Stick Foundation
When Hourglass brought out their new stick foundation I instantly wanted to try it. Firstly, I've never tried a stick foundation and secondly, I love everything Hourglass bring out. I was a bit apprehensive because usually I don't like full coverage foundations because I find them too heavy on my skin, but this one is so lightweight. The coverage is amazing and its more like a satin finish which is actually great on my combination skin because it keeps the shine minimised but still gives my skin a healthy luminous glow. Their shade range is also amazing and it is so easy to apply. It's really long lasting and easy to blend (better with a brush than a beauty blender though), and really makes your skin look flawless without looking cakey.

ByTerry Rouge Expert Click Stick - shade 3 'Bare Me'
Another ByTerry winner for me; why didn't I try this brand sooner?! This is my favourite lip shade at the moment - my perfect darker nude. The consistency of this is so creamy and moisturising, but also very long-lasting at the same time. So comfortable to wear, and really easy to apply with the click-stick feature. Can't wait to try some more from the range and maybe even get some bolder colours! This has been in my handbag for a while now and comes everywhere with me.

 ByTerry Baume De Rose
If I haven't already mentioned before, then I have the driest lips in the world. No matter what time of year it is, I always struggle to wear lip products because my lips are so sore and dry - and lipsticks are my favourite thing to buy which is annoying when I can't wear them. I've pretty much tried all the lip balms you could think of, and some of them have worked for a little bit, but nothing has cured the dryness..until this. I've heard people talking about this cult product before, but was so reluctant to spend that amount of money on a lip balm when I knew that most of them didn't work. But after trying everything else, I thought it was about time to give this a shot. The texture feels quite sticky at first and very thick, but once you apply it to the lips it feels so smooth and instantly softens them. I use this throughout the day applying a light layer, and then at night time I apply a thicker layer to soak in overnight. It has made a massive difference to my lips already and I've only been using it for a couple of weeks. I know that a lip balm is a lip balm and there isn't anything exciting to say really, but this one is my far the best I've tried. A cult product for a reason.

Soleil Tan De Chanel Universal Bronzer
This is the newest addition to my makeup collection, but something I have been eyeing up for a very long time. I've heard nothing but good words about this bronzer and now I understand why. It's a gorgeous warm shade of bronze which would suit all skin-tones (hence why they only make this in one shade), and the texture is so soft and blend-able making it a great product to build up on the skin. It looks so natural on the cheeks and instantly makes your skin look sun-kissed without being too 'orange' which is something we all dread with bronzer. I don't think I'd ever go back to a powder bronzer now because this one is so gorgeous - highly recommend!

ChloƩ Perfume
When people say that they have a signature scent which other people associate with them, this is definitely mine. I've worn this perfume on and off for years now, and recently got given another bottle for Christmas which has re-sparked my love for it. It's my favourite perfume of all time, and even though I know there are many other gorgeous scents out there, both from Chloe and other brands, this is the one that I always go back to wearing. It's not too floral and not too musky, but somewhere perfect in between. I don't like scents that are too sweet, however I like something that is still feminine and I feel like this ticks all the boxes. An oldie but a goodie.

What are you favourite beauty products at the moment?


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