Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Sometimes I like to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to my style and mix things up a bit with items that I wouldn't usually go for. I have always been a 'skinny jeans' kinda girl, and never usually steer away from my trusty Topshop Joni/Jamie jeans. I know exactly how to style them and how they fit my figure, but most importantly, they make me feel comfortable. However, when I was looking for my latest pair of jeans to purchase, I wanted to try out something different from my usual.

Sunday, 13 November 2016


Day's off can seem few and far between if you work full time like me, especially if you either work different shifts or in retail for example, where you don't get set day's off and you have to work weekends too. Today I had my first day off from work in nearly a week which got me inspired to write this post, as I always like to get the most out of my day when I'm not working, and thought I would share a few tips on how I do this. Of course, there are days when I don't want to do anything and days when I just go with the flow, but I still like to make sure I've done something at least.

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