Saturday, 30 April 2016


Theres a new Spring Try On Haul video on my YouTube channel! Theres a few pieces from Forever21, Misguided, ASOS and Zara! 

Hope you enjoy!
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Tuesday, 26 April 2016


If you're like me and you are getting bored of eating the same cereal and toast everyday for breakfast, then you'll like this post!

If you haven't already discovered Ella Mills, better known as Deliciously Ella, then you're seriously missing out. I've been a fan of her recipes ever since she brought out her first cookbook a year or so ago, because all of her recipes are really easy to make and are super healthy and fulfilling. I don't live a vegan or plant-based lifestyle with my diet, but now and again I do like to cut out all the nasty ingredients and go back to basics, which is what she does too. She believes that if you put all the good, natural ingredients into your body, then you will also feel amazing. 

I'm at university at the moment and so it's hard to follow her recipes on a daily basis because I'm living on a student budget with basic amenities, but recently I've been making more of her breakfast recipes because thats the meal that I'm most unfulfilled by during the day.

The recipes are so so quick and simple and they really do set me up for the day and give me the energy I need! So far I've made the 'Apple Oatmeal with Blueberry Compote' breakfast which was delicious and very filling, and I'm currently baking the 'Chewy Sultana Cookies'. These are more of a sweet treat but still super healthy and filled with fruits and oats, and so I thought these would be good as breakfast bars or as an on-the-go morning snack.

I honestly thought that they would be complicated to make, but turns out they're super quick and take as much time as eggs on toast do! If you have a go at making any then let me know, and also leave any comments below with any other breakfast recipes that you think I should try!

Love Emily

Friday, 15 April 2016


In my previous post I talked you through the products I use in my evening skincare routine but today I'm going to talk about what I use every morning. There are a couple more steps that I do in the morning just because I like to make sure my skin is looking it's best for the day ahead and it's prepped properly before applying makeup etc.

First thing I use when I wake up is the same cleanser that I use before bed as well, which is the La Roche-Posay Purifying Cleansing Gel. This helps to wake my skin up and gets rid of any residue left on my skin overnight from the products I use before I go to sleep. It leaves your skin feeling super soft and completely clean.

After cleansing I like to use a toner, and whilst I don't think this a necessary step that everyone needs to do, it's always something that has been in my routine for a long time. I like to use the Vichy Pureté Thermale Perfecting Toner on a small cotton pad and wipe this all over the skin. It leaves a lovely refreshing and cooling feeling on the skin as well as removing any impurities. It also makes my skin feel tightened, plump and healthy. It helps to make sure that you've got rid of all traces of the cleanser too.

After applying the toner I like to use a few drops of The Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate and pat this onto my face. (This has recently changed packaging which is why the link doesn't look the same as my bottle, but it is still the same product). This helps to smooth out my skin surface giving an overall even complexion. You can either mix this with your moisturiser or apply it separately which is what I like do.

My favourite daytime moisturiser is the Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser which has a lovely light texture and instantly brightens and awakens the skin. It smells amazing which is a bonus and sinks in really well. It contains natural ingredients and leaves your skin feeling hydrated throughout the day.

The last step for my skin which I like to do before I apply makeup is to apply an SPF to my skin. This all depends on what makeup I'm going to use because some of my makeup products already contain a high level of SPF (e.g. my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser contains SPF 20) which means I don't need to do this step. But for the day when I'm going to be outside a lot or my makeup doesn't contain any SPF, I like to apply the Vichy Ideal Soleil Mattifying Face Fluid Dry Touch. This contains SPF 30 and is designed for combination/oily/sensitive skin which is perfect for me. It doesn't leave the skin feeling sticky like most sunscreens do and sinks in to a matte finish which sits well underneath makeup.

I thought I'd add lip balm into this as the last step because this is also something I apply every single morning. Mostly I use the Carmex Lip Pot because I find that this is one of the only lip balms that actually works for me. Instead of sitting on the surface of the lips like a sheen, it actually sinks in and makes the lips look noticeable smoother and more hydrated. This is a key step for me especially when I want to apply lipstick later on.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I use daily in more detail and let me know if there are any more questions you have down in the comments below!

Lots of love,

Saturday, 9 April 2016


When it comes to skincare I like to keep things as simple as possible because I don't want to overdo it with products on my face, especially in Spring/Summer time. When I was about 12years old, I started to get problem skin and used to break out regularly just because it was the start of the teenage years and also because I didn't use any skincare really. But now that I'm a bit older, I've realised the importance of having a good skincare routine both morning and night, and spending time on finding products that suit your skin.

My skin is now mostly clear with the very occasional breakout, but even then, it won't last long at all. I am really happy with the skin care products I'm using right now and I've had this routine for a while now so I thought I'd share it with you. I'm going to split this up into two blog posts with this one being my evening skincare routine.

At the end of the day when it comes to my first cleanse, I use the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to take off my makeup. This is really gentle on the skin and is great at taking off all traces of makeup including waterproof mascara, and the bottle lasts for ages.

Time for the second cleanse. After removing my makeup I like to cleanse my face with the La Roche-Posay Purifying Cleansing Gel which is a lovely gentle cleanser designed for oily/combination skin. This leaves my skin feeling so clean, fresh and smooth. I usually work this into my skin for a minute or two with circular motions and remove with a damp face cloth.

I like to apply the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Anti-Marks Serum which helps to reduce any blemishes and marks left on the skin from previous breakouts. It's really helped to even out any dark pigmentation on the skin and leaves the texture smooth. You can either apply this all over the face or apply it to certain problem areas which is what I like to do.

Eye cream is something that is quite a recent development in my skincare but I've been using the Keihls Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment which is really hydrating around the eye area leaving your eyelids feeling super plump and pampered. It's quite thick and so a little goes a long way but its very cooling which is a nice calming feeling before bed!

For my night time moisturiser I like to use something calming and cooling on the skin to make me feel refreshed for the morning and the one that is my current favourite is the BodyShop Aloe Soothing Night Cream which is designed for sensitive skin. It's very hydrating and contains natural ingredients and leaves my skin feeling very healthy and smooth. 

Sometimes I like to use a face mask once or twice a week to give my skin a bit of a pamper and treatment and the ones that I like to alternatively use are the Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask which is a clay mask or the Sanctuary Spa Beauty Sleep Face Mask which is a gel formula. The Liz Earle face mask is one that I use if I'm having a breakout or my skin isn't looking its best and the Sanctuary Spa one I use if my skin is feeling uneven or dull as it helps to brighten and soften skin.

I hope this has given you a few ideas about evening skincare if you're looking to try some new products, but obviously my skin type isn't the same as everyones which means that not everything I use will work for you.
Keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment which will be all about my daytime skincare routine.

Lots of love,

Saturday, 2 April 2016


If you happen to have any Easter chocolate left over like I did, or fancy making some quick and easy treats, then Rocky Road is definitely the answer! I had a few small chocolate eggs left over including some cream eggs and fancied compiling them together to make something tasty, instead of them sitting on the side lasting forever. Rocky Road is one of my favourite traybake treats and theres so many different options as to what you can put in them. 

INGREDIENTS NEEDED: makes approx 8/10 slices

- 150g unsalted butter
- 250g dark chocolate
- 150g milk chocolate
- 4 tbsp golden syrup
- plain digestives or biscuit of your choice (however many you like)
- mini marshmallows (however many you like)
- any chocolatey/sweet extras you wish you throw in (I chose creme eggs) but I've also made them before with added chocolate chips, raisins or peanuts.


1) Heat together the unsalted butter, dark chocolate and milk chocolate in a saucepan over a low heat until fully melted.
2) Add in the golden syrup, stir well and take off the heat.
3) Crush up the biscuits in a sandwich bag into small bits and add to the chocolate mixture, mixing well with the chocolate.
4) Add the marshmallows to the mixture and stir well making sure everything is coated in the chocolate.
5) Pour the mixture into shallow rectangular baking tray and flatten down.
6) Add the extras onto the top making sure they're pushed down into the mixture to make it level. (I cut my creme eggs in half and placed them on the top).
7) Place the tray in the fridge for 2 hours or the freezer for 1 hour to harden.
8) Make sure you remove the rocky road from the fridge/freezer about 20 minutes before you want to slice them and eat them so that they have time to soften slightly.

AND ENJOY! Easy peasy.

Love Emily

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