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Okay so maybe this isn't much of a secret anymore seeing as the world has gone a bit coconut crazy over the past year or so, but I wanted to share with you some of the ways I use the best multi-use product which is coconut oil!

Coconut oil is something that I have used for a long time when cooking, but never in my beauty or hair care routine until now. Coconut not only smells amazing, but the oil contains lot of good fatty acids which are proven to have positive health effects and it's actually classed as a superfood. It's also natural which means it won't have any harsh chemicals in to damage your skin or hair. You can buy coconut oil from most supermarkets and health shops.

I use coconut oil in my cooking as a replacement for normal oils most days as it's a much healthier substitute. It also gives a gorgeous but subtle coconut flavour which is lovely when you're cooking things like stir-frys or curries. It's also great for roasting vegetables as it gives off a sweeter flavour. I don't use it for every single dish that I make but it's definitely something that gets used at least four times a week and is a great healthy extra in your diet. It's also said that it can improve your energy levels and enables your body to burn more fat which is always a bonus.

I've recently been using coconut oil on my hair as a natural leave-in conditioner/hair mask type thing. I usually use this once a week and leave it in overnight before washing it out the next morning. It honestly leaves your hair feeling super soft and silky and it's made my hair feel a lot stronger and healthier over time. Yes it does look very greasy in your hair  when you apply it which is why I use it as an overnight hair mask, but it doesn't leave any sticky residue on your pillow. I usually coat the ends of my hair in a generous amount and then braid my hair so that it soaks in properly and stays in. The results are amazing and you won't be reaching for your expensive hair masks any more!

I've got oily/combination skin as you will know from my previous beauty posts and so the thought of putting an oil on my skin didn't appeal to me at first. I thought it would make my skin feel a lot more greasy and probably break me out. But after seeing lots of people using coconut oil as a face mask and loving the results, I decided to give it a go. I put a small layer onto my face before my night-time skincare routine, and left it on for about 10-15 minutes. I then washed it off with a face cloth and then cleansed my face as usual with my normal products. OMGGG, my skin has never felt so baby soft in a long time. I felt like the oil hydrated my skin so much and left it looking healthy and fresh. I wouldn't personally use this as a face mask more than once a week because it might be too much oiliness on my skin, but if you have dryer skin then you definitely could use it more often. However, I love the effect it has and it's all natural which is a bonus for people with more sensitive skin.

Throw away your fancy cuticle oils because coconut oil will do the trick. My cuticles and hands get very dry and cracked from time to time and to re-hydrate them and soften them I use this. I warm up the coconut oil in my hands and then massage the oil around my finger tips making sure that everything is covered. Do this when you've got some spare time on your hands (literally) because obviously you wont be able to touch anything for a couple of minutes whilst this is soaking in. But once you wash the oil off your hands they will feel really soft and nourished. 

I hope this has given you a few tips on how to use coconut oil, let me know if there are any other ways that you use this as I would love to know!

Love Emily

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