Sunday, 28 February 2016


It's that time again! Cannot believe that it's already the end of another month...this year is going way too quickly already for my liking. But still, I'm excited for the weather to start changing and for Spring to arrive because thats my favourite time of year.

But for now, here is a quick run down of everything I've been especially loving throughout the month of February. I have also filmed a video on my YouTube channel if you would prefer to watch me talk through the items instead of reading through them (video linked below).


The BodyShop 'Drops of Youth' Concentrate:
I've been using this in my morning skincare routine every single day for the past couple of months and now I don't know what I'd do without it. It honestly feels like you're applying cool water onto your face which sinks in straight away, leaving your skin looking fresh and smooth. It also adds that extra bit of hydration into your skin alongside a moisturiser which is great before applying makeup. 
(Buy >> HERE)

Zoeva 'Cocoa Blend' Palette:
This is the newest addition to my eyeshadow collection and I've had my eye on it for a long time. I'm a big fan of warm tones for eyeshadow and this palette has a really unique collection which can be used to create so many different looks. It also includes a matte white/cream shade which is great for a natural inner corner highlight, and a black shade too which is great for lining the lash line. It's really affordable and the shadows blend out really well to create seamless looks. I love using the red tones with the golds to create a rose gold eye.
(Buy >> HERE)

Chanel Healthy Glow Foundation: 
I've already written a more in-depth review on this foundation in a recent post if you'd like to know more details about this. But this foundation is so gorgeous. Not only does it live up to the standards of other Chanel products, but it's one that I didn't think would suit my skin type. It claims to add a 'healthy glow' to your skin which made me a bit skeptical about trying it because my skin type is combination/oily and I didn't want it to add anymore shine. However, because it has a semi-matte velvet finish, it sets really well on my skin but still looks natural and glowy. It doesn't add more shine to my face but just enhances the natural glow whilst still giving a medium coverage. Definitely one to check out!
(Buy >> HERE)

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette:
I've honestly wanted this palette for about a year and I'm so so happy I've finally got my hands on it. The three shades are so versatile and can be used singly in different areas, layered on top of each other or even used as eyeshadows. I like to use this on a daily basis because it adds such a subtle and natural glow to the skin as the powders are so fine. They have a slight shimmer running through but nothing too much and so it maintains a natural 'skin like' look on your face which is what I like for a day to day look.
(Buy >> HERE)

Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick 'Serenity':
I've tried a few different brands of liquid lipsticks now but this one has impressed me the most. It's really comfortable to wear on the lips even though it's very matte and doesn't seem to crack or wear off during the day. I can eat and drink with this on and not need to reapply so its great to wear if you're going out for dinner or somewhere that you don't want to worry about your makeup needing touching up. They're also really affordable and have a good shade range. I love this nude shade as it's great for all occasions but would love to try out some of the brighter colours.
(Buy >> HERE)

The Night Circus:
I've finally finished this book after about a year of reading it because I'm such a slow reader, but it's definitely worth it. If you enjoy reading fictional stories which include fantasy, magic and interesting characters then you'll love this. It's been a bestseller last year and I can now see why. It's one of those books that I'll definitely read again in the future because it makes you feel as though you're in the story which I love from a book.
(Buy >> HERE)

Grey Suede Gloves:
I've already got a pair of black faux leather gloves which I wear throughout most of Winter, but for my birthday I got these ones and I love them. I think that they look very sophistocated and the pale grey colour makes them a great transitional piece for Spring to wear with a jacket because it's still quite bitter and cold outside even though the weather is starting to brighten up. 

What have your favourites been throughout February?

Love Emily

Sunday, 21 February 2016


So last weekend I went to Bath for a couple of days with my boyfriend for his belated birthday celebrations. His birthday was back in November but we were both so busy around that time that I thought I'd postpone his birthday present from me until now. Instead of buying him an actual gift to open on his birthday, I told him that I was taking him to Bath for the weekend and that I had booked a  spa package for us both too. The time came around so quickly after Christmas and it was such a lovely weekend with the break being well needed! It was also Valentine's weekend too (coincidence I know) and the weather was my favourite kind of Winter weather - bright, sunny and brisk.

I thought it would be useful to let you know about things to do in Bath, places to eat and also places to stay as it's a gorgeous city for a mini break if you're looking to have one.


Thermae Bath Spa:
One of the best spas I've ever been to with four different steam pods, a huge pool and jacuzzi and the amazing rooftop pool which overlooks the cities beautiful rooftops and the cathedral. There's also a great restaurant which we ate dinner in as it was included in our package deal, and it was lovely and relaxed with complimentary use of the robes, towels and slippers! (Visit: for more details *we went for the Twilight package for two*).

Roman Baths:
You can't really visit Bath without seeing the original Roman Bath's which basically put the city on the map! It's a really interesting tour which takes about 1-2 hours and you can use the complimentary audio guides to gain more information on the tour. You can look around at your own pace and the baths are so gorgeous to look at. It's amazing that the water is naturally that warm!
Royal Crescent and Victoria Park:
This is a gorgeous area to have a lovely stroll around with the crescent overlooking the park. The park is actually a lot bigger that it looks on a map and it would be lovely to have a picnic on in the summer. The crescent itself is just a long row of pretty architecture and is also home to a few hotels and there is a small museum called 'No1' which lets you have a nosy around one of the houses!

I love to shop, and so obviously I couldn't go to a new city and not have a nosy around. Bath is home to all my favourite high street shops such as Topshop, All Saints, Office etc but it also has some higher end shops which are gorgeous to look around such as Anthropologie, SpaceNK, Jo Malone and Whistles. Not only in the centre are there chain shops, but you can find many independent shops which are great for finding little presents and gifts in. They're mostly interior shops or art shops which are my favourite kinds for inspiration.


Hall and Woodhouse:
This restaurant has such a warming and cosy vibe to it, even though its across three floors! On the ground floor there is a bar area with lots of armchairs and benches for people to sit and have cocktails and casual drinks and on the second floor is the actual eating area. For my meal I had the Falafel and Halloumi burger which was so so nice (but filling) and Charlie had the duck which was also lovely. The menu is a little bit more on the expensive side but I think that it is definitely worth the money. On the third floor is a rooftop bar which you can take your drinks up to, and there are lots of tables and chairs and cute little lights.
Sotto Sotto:
We didn't actually eat at this restaurant but it has been recommended to me by a few different people (sadly we didn't have time to eat there), but the menu looks gorgeous and the interior makes it feel like you're in an underground cave which is something I've never seen before. It's Italian and I always feel like theres something for everyone on an Italian menu!

I know this is a chain restaurant but it is my favourite for breakfast! We don't have one in our local area and so its a real treat to find one. We both had the traditional fry-up which is always amazing and the interior of this restaurant is so colourful and quirky.

This is probably up there with one of my favourite restaurants ever. It is another chain restaurant but its the best chain Italian around! We actually went here for desert and cocktails (the peach Bellini is amazing by the way). For desert we had tiramisu and chocolate bread and butter pudding and it was the dreaaaam!

Adventure Café Bar:
We just stumbled across this little café one morning for breakfast and it doesn't look like much on the outside, but the food is really really good. I had a breakfast bagel which was filled with bacon, egg and mushroom and it was delicious! Charlie went for a basic fry-up but the portions were a really good size. It's a lovely independent cafe which is great for an affordable breakfast or lunch break.


This is where we stayed in Bath because it was quite affordable and suited what we wanted from a hotel. We both like to eat out for breakfast and dinner and so it wasn't essential for there to be breakfast included in our hotel package. We literally just wanted somewhere comfortable to stay for the night time, and this was great for that. It was located right in the centre of the city and everything was within walking distance. The staff were really friendly, the room was clean and there was hardly any noise even though we were next to the road. We were also able to borrow a hairdryer which was good because it meant we didn't need to bring one with us. There was also wifi and a TV in the bedroom. Would definitely stay here again.

Royal Crescent:
If you're looking to go for a special occasion or want to treat yourself, then there is a 5* hotel on the Royal Crescent which looks beautiful. We didn't go in there but I even took a picture of the door because it looked pretty! Definitely one to look into if you're looking for something extra luxury.
Other hotels:
There are many other hotels in the city such as Holiday Inn, Hilton and Premier Inn as well as lots of independent B&B's. We booked through and it was very straight forward and easy.

I hope this was interesting and helpful to you, and even if you're not looking to go anywhere, I hope you enjoyed looking through the photos anyway!

Love Emily


Wednesday, 17 February 2016


You've probably heard a lot about this foundation by now on different blogs because pretty much everyone has done a review on it, however I haven't seen many reviews on the foundation from an oily/combination skin type viewpoint, so thought this might be of interest to some of you. 

When I first heard about the press release for the 'Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation' I was a mixture of excited and skeptical. I was excited because Chanel is such a beautiful, luxurious brand and their beauty products always have the most stunning packaging and are just all-round gorgeous...they're just one of my favourite high-end beauty brands. But the fact that this foundation was made to create 'a healthy glow', I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get involved in trying it with my oily/combination type skin. A lot of foundations that claim to give you that 'extra glow and radiance' usually leave my skin feeling sticky and shiny because they basically add more shiny liquid onto my already shiny skin. So I've tried to stick with more matte foundations recently so that it tones down my oiliness rather than highlighting it more. But when reading more into this new Chanel foundation, I realised that the formula was going to be a 'semi-matte/velvet finish' which was something I thought seemed quite interesting. To me, a healthy glow foundation wouldn't have any kind of matte finish to it, but this one  was an in-between. 

When the foundation launched after reading so much about it and getting involved in the hype, I decided to give it a go. If it didn't suit my skin type then there are plenty of my friends with dryer skin that would definitely take it off my hands, and so I thought I would take the risk. The bottle is beautifully simple with a frosted glass bottle, simple black writing and a classic black Chanel logo lid. It also comes with a pump applicator which is great and easy to use. On first application I noticed how this evened out my skin completely and gave me a lovely flawless base to work with. I used my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge to apply it and it didn't feel cakey or heavy on the skin at all. The coverage is medium but build able and I used one pump for the whole of my face for a natural daytime look but would probably use an extra half pump for a night out or occasion to add extra coverage on certain areas. The finish is definitely a semi-matte which I absolutely love because it doesn't make my face look any extra oily and actually tones it down without making my face look dull or flat. It does give you that 'healthy glow' like it claims to and the velvet finish leaves your skin looking like skin and feeling very natural. I've definitely fallen in love with it.



The only downside with this foundation is the colour range. When I got colour matched the makeup artist said that I'm in-between a 20 and a 30 but obviously I can't afford to get both right now to mix them together. So I ended up going for the 30 just so that I can also wear this foundation through to Spring and Summer when I get a bit more colour on my face. But hopefully in the future they might bring out more shades as this has proven to be a very popular foundation!

I hope that this has helped some of you that have the same skin type as me and were a bit worried about hearing the words 'healthy glow'....but this foundation is now up there with my top 3!

Love Emily

Friday, 12 February 2016


I created a makeup look on my Youtube channel that can be worn for a Valentine's occasion with a mixture of red and gold tones on the eyes. However, this look could definitely be worn for many other occasions too and I think it's really glam. You could dress it up even more with winged eyeliner and some false lashes for a more dramatic night out, or tone down the red tones for a more wearable day-to-day look. I would definitely wear these kind of colours for a date night/dinner as I think they are really flattering and sexy. I've never really worn red tones on my eyes before but it adds a lot of warmth to the face which is perfect for Winter when we're all feeling like our skin is a bit dull!

Let me know what you think of the look - all products used are listed in the description box of the video. Please subscribe to my channel as it would mean so much to me, and also give the video a like and leave any comments below with ideas of videos you would like to see in the future.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever you're getting up to!

Love Emily

Monday, 8 February 2016


Most of my wardrobe is practically made up of black and white items, and whilst that may seem incredibly boring to some people, I love wearing these colours. It's surprising how interesting an outfit can be made to look by only wearing black and white, but by adding in different patterns and textures it creates more depth and style to the look. I thought I'd show you one of my favourite monochrome outfits to wear at the moment, and show you that by wearing black and white it doesn't have to be plain and boring. 

I think owning lots of clothes in black and white means that you have so many different options when it comes to styling outfits because you can add any pop of colour and dress items up or down depending on the occasion. It also means that a lot of pieces in your wardrobe will be timeless and stay in fashion for a long time, because lets be honest, black and white is never going to go out of style. 

I picked up this coat recently in the sale and I have fallen in love with it. I love the different materials that have been put together to create different textures on the coat, because it makes it look like more of an original and statement piece. However, with it being completely black, it means that it will be a timeless item that can be worn for many years. You can never go wrong with having a black coat in your wardrobe and I love the oversized/biker feel that it has, because it makes it look like you've made more effort with your outfit than you really have!

All items are linked below if possible or with similar options.

Dress - Topshop
Tights - Primark
Sunglasses - Topshop
Boots - Office // Office (similar)

Love Emily

Friday, 5 February 2016


As one of my New Year's resolutions for my blog, I wanted to write a 'monthly favourites' post and also film a video to go with it. I've already filmed the video which is now live, and I've linked that down below for you to watch. The video is more of a chatty run through of my January favourites and goes into a bit more detail about why I've been loving the particular things.

I'm going to try my hardest to do these every month, and even if I don't get round to filming a video every month (which I'm hoping to be able to do), I will definitely be writing a post on here!


I was a bit skeptical about trying out H&M's new make-up range at first, just because I thought that it was a bit of an odd thing for them to bring out. However, after trying this eyeshadow I can firmly say that I will be buying more of these! The quality is great for the price, the packaging is very sleek and the eyeshadow itself blends beautifully. I've been wearing this most days as a light wash all over the lid.

This lipstick has been my go-to shade and has stayed in my handbag for the whole of January pretty much! I love the formula of this lipstick because it feels really comfortable and hydrating on the lips. I do love wearing Matte lipsticks but I felt like I'd worn them so much over Christmas that my lips were craving something a bit softer and more hydrating. The colour is also a gorgeous brown toned nude which is the perfect nude shade for Winter because its not too pink and pale. Definitely going to be buying some more shades from this collection!

You would have seen me talk about this contour kit a few times now, but it has been a favourite of mine since I bought it. I mainly use the lightest brown shade to contour as it has a lovely grey tone to it which creates the perfect shadow illusion. I also use the banana shade every day to set the concealer underneath my eyes and down the centre of my nose because it really helps to brighten and set for the whole day. The powders are really light and creamy and blend really well, they look very natural on the skin too which I like and you can't tell that you've got any powder on.

This cleanser has been my skin savour over the past year. It's designed for oily to combination skin which is perfect for me, and gives such a deep cleanse. Since using this my breakouts have decreased dramatically and my skin feels so much less oily. I feel like it removes the excess oil on the skin but still leaves you feeling hydrated. The gel formula is also really softening on the skin and lathers up to a soft foam. I use this every morning and night without fail and I can't fault it!

I used to suffer from a lot of scarring and dark pigmentation on my face from where I had previous breakouts and nothing seemed to fade these marks until I found this product. It's designed to correct the appearance of imperfections and marks on the skin, and even out your skin tone. Since using this, my skin is so much more even and I hardly have any scarring left over. I use this every day now as part of my daily skincare routine, and when I suffer from a breakout, the marks almost fade immediately after the blemish has gone. Miracle worker!

I don't usually take a lot of care with my hair admittedly, but recently I've been using this product after washing my hair before blowdrying and it was recommended by my hairdresser. It's basically a hair oil which aims to give your hair a smooth and sleek feel to it and also tame down any frizzyness. I really like this so far and it has made my hair feel really shiny and healthy. You can also use this product on dry hair to smooth out any untamed hairs and add shine after styling.

This was one of my birthday presents which I've talked about in my previous post, but I haven't taken it off since I got it. It's a really sophisticated style and can be worn for an evening occasion as well as everyday, and I think it looks really understated and classic. I'm not usually a fan of wearing gold, and most of my jewellery is silver, but something drew me to this one. The gold isn't too yellow and bright and because of the dark face, it tones it down a bit from being really 'blingy'. I also quite like mixing gold and silver together.

If you've seen my January favourites video then you will know that I used to hate the thought of wearing trainers casually. I used to think that trainers should only be worn for sports and the gym and I didn't understand why people would want to wear them during the day with jeans etc. However, my opinion of this has strongly changed and I now love wearing trainers for a casual look during the day. These ones especially are super comfy and go with almost anything. I love the effortless style they give to an outfit and I can't wait to build up my trainer collection even more, because there are many more pairs that I've got my eye on!

What have been some of your January favourites?

Love Emily


Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Don't get me wrong, I love a good pair of jeans. Jeans are something that I wear almost every day and I've got them in different colours, styles and fits. But recently I was looking for something to wear as an alternative option to jeans, just for something a bit different occasionally. But I wanted something that would still fit in with my winter wardrobe and would also see me through to Spring. I found these gorgeous trousers from Topshop and as soon as I saw them, I knew that I would get so much wear out of them.

I've worn these now many times during the day and have also worn them out for drinks in the evening with a thin blouse tucked in and heels. The colour is perfect because they go with almost anything in my wardrobe which makes them more of a timeless and staple piece. I like that they've got a slightly cropped length to them as well because it means that they look great with flats, boots and heels. They're so versatile and would even be great for work wear, interviews or formal occasions. Finally found an alternative to my everyday jeans!

What I'm wearing:

Love Emily

Monday, 1 February 2016


As some of you may know (if you follow my Instagram especially), it was my 22nd birthday last week! I had a lovely weekend surrounded by my friends, family and boyfriend and was well and truly spoilt with lovely cards, gifts and THREE cakes!! One of my favourite presents was my gorgeous new Olivia Burton watch (pictured below), which was a gift from my mum that I actually picked out myself a while ago. I've already got a watch by the same brand which is more of a casual day-to-day style, but I wanted something a little bit more suited to the evening without it being overly glitzy and sparkly! I'm absolutely in love, and even though I said I would keep it for evening and special occasions, I have been wearing it during the day too!

Another favourite present was from my lovely boyfriend, and his present to me is actually a day out! He's arranged for us to go up The Shard in London, and have a three course meal at a London restaurant which I'm super excited about because I love spending time in London. We're also going to go to the zoo during April time which should be such a fun day out...especially as all the new babies will be being born in the zoo!

Lastly...(and what this post is mainly about) I'm going to talk about my other favourite present. For ages now I've wanted to start creating an eyeshadow palette from MAC, but didn't want to buy one of the really big ones as they're quite hard to store. So for my birthday, my lovely housemates bought me one of the eyeshadow quads which you can fill up yourself and decide which colours you want in there. I think this is such a great idea because you can create unique palettes to suit you individually, and let's be honest..we never use every single colour in most pre-made palettes anyway! It's also magnetic which means you can change around the colours if you want every once in a while. To get me started, they bought me the shade 'humid' which is a gorgeous deep, forest green colour. I was really happy with this because I don't actually own anything like it. I've always been told that green eyeshadow suits people with brown hair and eyes really well, and so I was excited to try it out!

I thought I'd create a look using this eyeshadow because I couldn't wait any longer to use it...and so decided to pair it with a warm bronzed look, because I always think that greens and golds work really well together. So I've linked the video down below of the look that I created, and I really hope you enjoy it!

Let me know if there are any other looks that you want me to try out...or just videos in general. I'm slowly getting used to filming but still haven't got the editing perfected, so please bear with me on that part!

Love Emily

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