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I've got a major case of January blues right now...anyone else? It's getting colder outside, the rain won't stop and it's back to work time, so I thought what better way to cheer myself up and get some colour injected into my blog than to write a holiday guide for Hawaii!

I must admit, I went to Hawaii two years ago now, so the pictures aren't exactly up-to-date, but Hawaii is the kind of place that will remain naturally beautiful and somewhere that won't have changed since I visited. I've put together a few ideas of things to do, places to visit and where to stay if you're thinking of planning a tropical getaway.

I went to the island of Oahu in Hawaii which is the most popular island and stayed there for 10 days. It is by far the most beautiful place I've been and somewhere that was truly paradise. There are different climates on the island too, even though it's small, which means you get a mixture of tropical, humid weather and hot, dry heat which makes it really interesting for travelling around. There's also the huge, dormant volcano 'Diamond Head' which is situated right in the middle of the island and so the landscape and terrain very rich and healthy, which is why there are so many beautiful colours around in the way of plants, and the water is crystal clear blue.

We decided that in order to make the most out of our 10 days in Oahu, it was best to travel around the island and stay in different accommodation so that we were able to see the different parts of the island properly, so we stayed at three different hotels in total.

This resort is located in one of the most beautiful locations that I've ever seen and overlooks the Koolau Mountain range. It's situated on the East coast of the island and on the rural peninuslar of Wailau Point. We decided to stay here because it gave us the chance to experience the more tropical climate of the island, and was in a good proximity to the North Shore of the island too. This resort has a pool, breakfast service, wifi and activities such as boat trips which take you snorkelling!
(Visit the website >> here)

DAY 3-6: HILTON HAWAIIAN VILLAGE RESORT - Waikiki Beach (West), Honolulu:
This resort is huge! It is basically a whole complex and a lot of people book 'all-inclusive' holidays at this resort because there is everything you need in one place! It's located right on Waikiki Beach in the heart of Honolulu which is the capital of the island. We stayed here in order to experience the famous surfing beaches and soak up the proper holiday atmosphere. It's also a great location for shopping and visiting the main town area which has lots of restaurants too. You can walk right along the beach from outside the hotel and get amazing views of the volcano.
(Visit the website >> here)

DAY 6-9: QUEEN KAPIOLANI HOTEL - Waikiki Beach (East), Honolulu:
This is the last hotel we stayed at which was situated at the quieter end of Waikiki Beach (which is very long) so that we could spend the last few days relaxing and take in the amazing scenery. There are still shops and restaurants along this part but it isn't as busy as the main town. However, it's close to Honolulu Zoo and an easy journey to the Pearl Harbour Museum. It also has a rooftop pool!
(Visit the website >> here)


  • Trek up to the peak of Diamond Head  - you can't come to a volcanic island and not visit the volcano, plus the views from the top are amazing!

  • Snorkelling - there are many different places that offer boat trips out to the sand bars and reefs where you can go snorkelling and maybe be lucky enough to swim with the green turtles.

  • Honolulu Zoo - a lovely open plan zoo which is a great place to visit for a morning or afternoon.

  • Turtle Bay Resort - a famous hotel resort which is used for a lot of film sets such as 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' and is a lovely place to go for lunch on the North Shore.

  • Kualoa Beach Park - a lovely park area along the beach which is a great picnic spot.

  • Pearl Harbour Museum - a great place to visit to get an insight into the island's culture and history.

  • International Market Place - think Camden Market but Hawaiian style...a great place to find unique and traditional trinkets and presents such as authentic Hawaiian shirts and neck garlands.

  • Visit Sunset beach, Waikiki beach, North Shore and Kuala Beach for some of the most amazing white, sandy beaches!

  • Go and watch some traditional Hawaiian dancing, there's usually shows along the beach in the evening.

  • Hire a car if you can, it makes getting around the island so much easier.
  • Hawaii is one of the safest places that I've been to and people are so so friendly, so don't be afraid to ask people for directions because they will be happy to help.
  • The currency is US Dollars as it's part of the USA, but things are slightly more expensive than mainland USA because a lot of produce has to be shipped over.
  • June-October are the warmest months and January is the coldest although it's sunny mostly all year round with only little rainfall.
I hope you found this mini guide useful, and even if you're not planning a holiday just yet, I hope you enjoyed the photos and it cured your January blues!

Love Emily


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