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Hello 2016! This is my first blog post of the new year and is something that is slightly linked to my last blog post of 2015....

Whilst in my 2015 round-up I was talking about specific resolutions that I've made for the year ahead which is something that I do every year, I've also been thinking about bigger goals that I want to start implementing into my life, and goals that will be ongoing throughout the year and probably years to come. I like to set myself smaller realistic goals which can be ticked off throughout the year which you can read about in my previous blog post...but this year I wanted to make some larger and more challenging goals for myself that will hopefully change my life for the better and also help me to grow more into the person I want to be. 

I'm still only 21, which means that whilst I'm getting firmly into adulthood, I'm still growing into my personality and finding out new things about myself everyday which I'm sure will continue for years...but I feel like I'm finally starting to realise what I want out of life and what is important to me, and this is why I wanted to set myself new goals that will give me something to work on for the future. I suppose these aren't just goals but more like 'life lessons' as well, and things that I've learnt which I need to keep reminding myself about and have in the back of my mind always... 

First up...

Of course there are times in all of our lives that we feel negative emotions about, and things that don't always go to plan or happen the way we want them to. But I need to remember during these harder times to look at the positive side more often. For example, I really don't enjoy my degree at all and it gets me down a lot of time, but I need to remember that I've only got 6 months to go before I graduate and then after that I'll be free from studying and have windows of opportunity. Even though it's hard right now, I need to keep looking forward and at the positive aspects of the situation and this is what will get me through the harder times. I wouldn't say I'm a negative person at all, but there are situations which I could definitely be more positive about even when I'm not feeling it at that moment. Another thing to remember...if you're positive, then the people around you will also feel your positive energy which creates a better atmosphere overall! Smile!

I can't even count how many times I've said I want to do something or buy something and it never happens. I've got about 3 of 4 different lists on my phone which consist of 'places I want to visit', 'products I want to buy' or 'dishes I want to cook' etc, and its just as well saying 'I really want to do that' over and over again, but it's no good if you're not making it happen. So starting from this year I'm going to start working towards the things that I've been really wanting for a long time and stop just 'talking' about it. For example, I've really wanted to visit `New York with my mum since I was about instead of every year saying 'we will go next year', I'm actually going to start researching prices and start saving every month. At least if I get started then I know I'm working towards it, no matter how long it'll take to achieve!

One of the biggest things I've learnt over the past year or two, is that friendship is really valuable. As soon as I left school, I realised that my friendship group was getting smaller which is something that naturally happens in life as people get older and grow apart in different directions. But the few friends from school that I've got left are the girls that have been my closest friends for years and years, and they're the ones that I know will be my friends for life. They're the ones that I know I can go to with anything and they will always be there for me with their open and honest advice. Even though we see each other much more rarely than we used to due to being in different locations for university, our relationships never change even with time and I know we will always laugh together. It's important for me to try and make the effort as much as possible because these relationships are some of the most important in my life. It can be hard sometimes when we're all so busy doing different things and sometimes weeks pass without me realising, but I need to remember that even if it's just one simple text now and again, it's good to keep friendships at the top of the priority list.

Like I was saying before, my 'school/college' friends are my oldest friends and the people that know me the best because we've all grown up together. However, since leaving college and starting university, its amazing how many new people you meet who are so different to you, but you get along with so well. I know in school it can become a bit 'clicky' sometimes, especially in my school as it was very small, and you tend to become friends with the people that are most similar to you. But I've found at university, that most of my friends are completely different to me and have different interests, but I really like that. You can learn so much from other people and just because you are from different areas and backgrounds, it great how you can get on so well. Some of my university friends, especially my housemates who I've gone through my university life with, will definitely be my friends for life. It's important to accept that the new people you meet throughout life can also be life-long friends, even though you're so different from one another. 

For years now I've felt the pressure from both society and people to choose what I want to do in life. I finished school and obtained good GCSE'S but wasn't sure what I wanted to do exactly, so I then went onto college and did A-Level's in various subjects. But even after I completed those, I still didn't know what I wanted to do and so I decided to do a Foundation Degree in Business Management because I felt like I had to do something, and this course would give me a lot of options. However, after a couple of months I realised that it wasn't the right course for me and that I really wasn't enjoying it, and so I only completed one year instead of the two. 

I then thought I might want to become a nurse because my mum is a nurse and I always look up to her. I like to be with people and help others and I new that this was a stable career choice which is why I'm now in my third year of university studying Adult Nursing. However...during my second year I realised that this also wasn't for me and it's now something that I really don't enjoy. Some of you might think that I should have quit at this point instead of wasting my time carrying on, but I didn't want to give up which is why I'm still going. I do not want to be a nurse anymore, but at least I'll have a degree level qualification when I finish which will be a good achievement in itself.

But the main thing I've learnt is that I shouldn't be rushing to find a career when I don't even know what I want to do. It's okay to try different things and then change your mind. I always thought that I had to decide and that I had to go to university, but in hindsight I wished that I hadn't rushed into something that I wasn't sure about. So after I graduate university, I'm going to take some time out of studying and maybe go travelling or do some voluntary work, because I don't want to rush into a job that I'm not sure about. I've finally realised that its okay not to have a set career path in front of you and its okay to see where opportunities will take you.

Im sorry that this post has been a bit long and wordy, but these things have been on my mind recently and it feels good to write them all down...that's what my blog is for after all! I hope you've all had a great start to 2016 and thank you for following and reading for the last 5 months, I'm excited to create some great posts for you to read this year!

Let's look to the future.

Love Emily


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