Tuesday, 19 January 2016


I know it's a little over the top to have a different mascara for your top and bottom lashes, and obviously if you're not as picky about your lashes as me then you don't have to take notice of this...but I might have just found the best mascara for your bottom lashes everrrrrrrr!

Personally, I love my top lashes to be really voluminous, thick and long and my favourite mascara for this is the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara because it just adds so much length and volume to your lashes at the same time, without them looking clumpy and overloaded with product. However, for my bottom lashes, I prefer them to be more light and separated because it makes them look more natural and less heavy on the face (I don't want to look like I've got spider legs on my eyes). But I've been finding that most mascara's I use for my top lashes are just too thick for my bottom lashes and I don't like the way that they feel or look, even if I try not to add as much product to them.

I recently took a trip to the MAC store to pick up some new concealer, and when I was getting colour matched by one of the makeup artists, I was telling her about this bottom lash dilemma that I was having with mascara's, and she recommended the MAC Extended Play mascara. She said that the wand is very long and thin which makes it very easy to spread out the lashes on the bottom and get right to the root of the lash as they are smaller and harder to get to. As the wand is much thinner than normal mascara wands too, it means that you don't apply as much product all at once, and you can build it up if you need to, rather than a thick wand which makes them look clumpy instantly. There are a few different colours of this mascara including a brown, black and this one which is the 'gigablack lash' which is the extra black.

Top lashes: Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
Bottom lashes: MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash

I have to say, I've been using this for nearly 2 weeks now and I really do love it. My lashes overall look a lot more natural because I can build up the mascara on the top whilst keeping the bottom lashes really fanned out and defined. I never thought I would use two different mascara's on my eyes because that does sound ridiculous, but I love how it applies so much that I don't think I'll ever go back to using just one. 

You might be wondering...why don't I just use this new mascara on my top and bottom lashes? Well, as I said before, I like my top lashes to have lots of volume as well as length, and this bottom lash mascara from MAC adds a lot of length but not a lot of volume which is why I'll stick to my Maybelline mascara for that. However, for a natural 'no makeup, makeup day' I would definitely use this on my top lashes as well, as it gives a really subtle natural lift.

What's your favourite mascara? 

Love Emily

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