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It's that time again!! Cannot believe that November has already been and gone and it's now officially the countdown until Christmas woohoooooo (still need to get an advent calendar oops). I don't know about you but I'm so so excited for Christmas this year and can't wait to go home for a couple of weeks from university to see all my family and friends.

But before we get into the festive period properly, I thought I would share my November favourites with you. There isn't a huge amount this month because I'm trying to be good and wait to see what I've been bought for Christmas, as I've given a 'wish list' to my family for ideas! As my mum always says to me every year...'theres no point in giving people a Christmas wish list and then buying the stuff before yourself' which is totally true, so I've not been trying out many new things recently. But anyway, there are still a few bits and bobs that I wanted to mention...

'How To Be A Woman' by Caitlin Moran:
This book has been sitting on my book shelf for quite a while now on the 'waiting to be read' pile and I have finally got round to starting it. I'm now about 5 chapters in and I have found it so hilarious to read. Usually I don't find books 'laugh out loud' funny but the way that Caitlin Moran writes is so witty and honest that you can't not laugh. You'll love this book if you're a bit of a feminist and love reading about the honest opinions and feelings of most women because I've found most of the topics she's written about to be so true and accurate!  All in all I think it's a book that every woman should read! I can't wait to read some of her other books now.
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Real Techniques Sponge:
This has been a continuous favourite throughout the year really, but recently I've found myself reaching for this every time when applying my foundation and concealer compared to mixing it up and using brushes too. The way this applies base products to your skin leaves a seamless and flawless finish and its so so easy to use! It works its best when dampened because it blends product around evenly and really works it into the skin instead of some brushes which just wipe product over the surface. The different angles and edges are also great to use on different areas of the face. A definite must-have for your makeup routine!
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Nip + Fab Dragons Blood Fix Serum:
This has been great to use on those 'no makeup days' when I want to give my skin a bit of a treatment. I use one-two pumps and even work this over my face and it leaves my skin feeling very hydrated and healthy looking, which is what I want during winter! It doesn't feel sticky or heavy on the skin either and has a cooling effect. It's also great for skin that is ageing too because it helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and also helps to prevent them if you're younger.
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Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant:
Recently I've switched from using an aerosol deodorant to this cream formula instead. This was mainly because using aerosols isn't meant to be great for your health anyway, but also because they never seem to last the whole day. But I've found that this cream formula lasts so much longer and it applies a thicker layer, and is also kinder for your skin. The product may look small as well but you only use a tiny amount each time and it has an easy twist up application method.
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Zara Quilted Coat:
You will have seen me wear this in some of my outfit posts but I haven't stopped wearing this coat since I bought it! It's really practical for the colder weather because its very insulating, waterproof and has a zip-up hidden hood for if it rains. But I also love the fur detailing around the neckline and the length because it doesn't feel too bulky. I usually wear this on a day to day basis or if it's raining (which is most of the time in England) or just if I'm going on dog walks etc. Really great quality and a good investment for more practical outerwear.
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Probably my most-used and favourite app ever! I love looking through photos and also sharing my photos with other people and this is the perfect way to do so. I also find a lot of my fashion and beauty inspiration from Instagram as well as following all of my favourite brands and celebrities to keep updated on the latest launches, releases and style. Especially in the run up to Christmas I love looking at festive photos of decorations, food and present ideas!
(Download through the App Store on any smart phone for free)

Primark Fluffy Slipper Socks:
This is now my second pair of these because I want to keep a pair at my house and also for when I'm at my boyfriends because I love them that much! Apart from the fact that they look like fluffy clouds on your feet, these are the softest slipper socks ever! They're such a bargain and come in different colours too, and are a really good alternative to wearing chunkier slippers around the house.

Mulled Wine:
I know that it's quite early to be drinking mulled wine but the way I see it is, if the shops are selling it, I can drink it! Usually I buy the mulled wine spices to make my own but this year I've just been buying the ready-made mulled wine and just heating it up. Sometimes I add some fresh orange to give it more of a sweeter flavour but I love drinking this on cold evenings because it just makes me feel so wintery and festive...and no I'm not ashamed to admit that!
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Purple Fedora:
I'm a definite hat person and love to wear different types of fedoras, bobble hats and straw hats in summer...but I have a really small head which means that when it's slightly windy or bad weather I can't really wear them because they'll just blow off! But out of all of my hats this one is definitely my favourite and the one I've been reaching for the most, because the colour is really unusual and perfect for winter. The brim isn't too wide either so it doesn't look too out of proportion in size and it goes with most of my wardrobe colours which is a bonus too!
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What have you been loving in November?



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