Saturday, 28 November 2015


As i'm writing this post it's officially 1 MONTH UNTIL CHRISTMAS yay! I don't know about you but I'm definitely in the festive spirit now and can't wait to start my Christmas shopping properly next week. I've already written a Christmas gift guide for anyone that is buying for a female, so I thought I'd also do one for anybody that is buying for a male this year too e.g. brother, dad, boyfriend, friend. I know personally that I find it really difficult to buy for guys because unlike my female friends and female family members, most of the guys I know don't really give any ideas or hints throughout the year. So I've roped in my boyfriend Charlie to help me write this post as he will probably give some better and more accurate ideas that what I come up with...

I've split this into different price categories like before so that whatever your price range, there will hopefully be some ideas that will help you and give you some inspiration for this Christmas!

UNDER £20:

Calvin Klein Socks (pack of 4) £17.60 - I know that socks seem like a boring gift to get somebody, but everyone needs socks and because they're Calvin Klein they're a bit more special and luxurious than your average socks. It's something that they probably wouldn't splash out on for themselves and for 4 pairs I think it's quite a good deal! >> shop here

BodyShop Post Party Rescue Kit £16.00 - this is a great gift for someone that loves to party over the Christmas season and will need some pampering time to recover! The kit includes a moisturiser and an eye serum which are both catered to male skin (plus you can keep the tin for travelling). >> shop here

Next Stripe Scarf £14.00 - this is a good gift for a male of any age and something that they will appreciate during the colder months if they don't already have a scarf! I really like the striped effect too because its not too plain but will still go nicely together with different jackets/coats. >> shop here

Luckies Scratch Map Poster £16.95 - a lovely gift for somebody that loves travelling and visiting new places, and something that they can keep for a long time to tick off each place they go! >> shop here

Jamie's Comfort Food Cookbook £8.00 - Jamie Oliver is a great all-rounder chef that caters for different meal types, cuisines and experience which means this cookbook would be great for any man interested in cooking as it has a wide variety of recipes >> shop here


Loungewear Onesie in Fluffy Fabric £35.00 - onesie's are still very in at the moment, and seeing as this winter is meant to be colder than ever, I think this would be much appreciated! Even though the fabric is really soft and fluffy, I think that the black colour still keeps it more masculine >> shop here

Ted Baker Leather Wallet £37.00 - a wallet is something that will be well loved and used by somebody and is a great gift to receive. This is made from a lovely soft leather which will last for years and I think that dark brown is a more sophisticated colour than lighter tan which makes this look higher quality >> shop here

Canvas Messenger Bag £40.00 - a lovely gift for somebody that is studying or working as this has plenty of space for books, a laptop, folders etc. It also has a strong leather strap so that hands are still free >> shop here

OVER £40: 

Fossil Watch £74.00 - a watch is a really special and personal gift for anyone, and is something that can be worn day to day or just for special occasions. Fossil do some of my favourite watches for both men and women and I love the dark brown leather strap because it makes it wearable for any occasion and will be softer to wear than metal links >> shop here

Paco Rabanne 1 Million Eau De Toilette Gift Set £53.50 - this is one of the bestselling aftershaves for men and one that is worn by many different ages of men too. This set also comes with a deodorant spray too which is a bonus! >> shop here

Frends Layla Gunmetal Headphones £140.00 - obviously these are on the pricey side for a pair of headphones, but these are an amazing gift for someone thats really into their music, gaming or films and the sound quality is really high. >> shop here

I hope that this has helped you out and given you some male gift inspiration! Happy Christmas shopping!



Wednesday, 25 November 2015


I've put together a little Christmas gift guide for people looking to buy for any female this year, so this could be for your friend, girlfriend, mum or sister for example. I think gift guides are really helpful for people that are having a bit of a 'mind blank' when it comes to buying presents and I love reading other people's because you get such varied ideas. All of these gift ideas that I've put together are things that I would personally love to receive as gifts, and so if you think someone has similar tastes/style to me, then hopefully this will give you some inspiration!

I've decided to present my gift guide into three different price ranges so that if you're on more of a budget there will still be some ideas for you too as well as some more expensive options for a more special gift.


Pocket organiser £12.00 - a great gift for somebody that likes to be organised (or needs to start being organised) and this is a really good size to fit in a handbag >> shop here

Lush 'Snow Fairy' box £8.50 - who doesn't like getting something from Lush for Christmas?! Baths are the best time for relaxation and I love the scent of the 'snow fairy' range because its so fruity and girly. (There's loads of different gift boxes in Lush to choose from if you don't like this scent) >> shop here

Soap and Glory 'Time To Pink' set £16.00 - includes a nail polish, lip gloss, shimmer blush and a fragrance...what girl wouldn't love to receive that? Soap and Glory is such great quality but so affordable >> shop here

Leather gloves £20.00 - I think a pair of leather gloves are a lovely luxury item for the winter and are a timeless item that will last you for years (and these are faux leather so won't break the bank either) >> shop here

Pink Champagne Truffles £20.00 - you can't go wrong with chocolates, especially champagne truffles at Christmas! >> shop here


Laura Mercier 'Crème Brûlée' Duet £35.00 - Laura Mercier is a gorgeous luxury brand for makeup, skincare, bath and body, so I think this is a lovely gift set to give someone that is a little bit more on the 'special' side. This is their signature scent and it comes with a cute honey dipper too >> shop here

Honestly Healthy for Life cookbook £25.00 - you might think this is quite pricey for a cookbook, but for somebody that is keen to start eating healthy or already loves healthy, clean cooking then this has a huge amount of recipes that are easy to follow and beautiful pictures for inspiration >> shop here

Victoria's Secret Pj's £36.99 - I love receiving pjs for Christmas and Victoria's Secret are just the ultimate brand for luxury pjs...something that a girl wouldn't buy for herself but would love as a gift >> shop here

Evening Thames Cruise for Two £39.00 - if you think that someone would rather an experience gift rather than an actual present to open, then this might be perfect for you. There are many different experience days to choose from if this one doesn't suit you as much, but this one would be lovely for a Christmas evening! >> shop here


Jo Malone Candle £42.00 - for somebody that really loves homeware and candles, this is a really special gift to receive. The scents are all amazing and they burn really well which makes them so long lasting. They also come beautifully gift wrapped which is perfect for Christmas! >> shop here

Pandora Bracelet £49.00 - This is part of their new 'essence' range which is a lot more dainty and sophisticated compared to the original Pandora range. This bracelet can be partnered with any of the 'essence' charms too which you could also include in the gift, or this would be lovely on its own as they can choose the charms themselves to start collecting. >> shop here

Crosley Cruiser Pink UK Plug Record Player £100.00 - I think this is such an amazing gift to get for somebody who loves to listen to music. You can buy pretty much any artist on vinyl nowadays and its something special to get someone started on collecting different records. This comes in a few different colours too and is also portable so its great for travelling or storing away >> shop here

Olivia Burton Watch £70-£150 - A watch is another special and personal gift to get somebody for Christmas and this brand is my favourite. There are so many different coloured straps and faces to choose from and the quality of the leather is amazing. You can also get link straps too for a more dressy alternative to a day-to-day style and different sizes to suit the person >> shop here

Ted Baker Leather Purse £79.00 - a purse is something that every female needs and uses on a day to day basis, so I think it would be a lovely treat to get an extra special, higher quality one for a present. A classic black colour would go with any bag colour and style, but you can also buy this in many different colours too. It's definitely an investment worth making because somebody will get so much use out of it >> shop here
Which one of these gift ideas is your favourite? 
Has this given you some Christmas ideas?



Tuesday, 17 November 2015


Just a quick post I was saying in my previous 'bedroom interior' post, I love thinking about how I would decorate my home after leaving university next year. The thought of being able to plan out ideas for different rooms and really putting in more thought towards colour choices and furnishings is really exciting! To me, the bedroom and living room are the two most important rooms in the house, because they are where relaxation takes place and where you spend the most time usually. These are the two rooms that I would first focus on decorating upon first moving into somewhere. If you'd like to see what kind of bedroom decor I would go for, the check out my previous post from last week to see some Pinterest inspiration. But for today, I thought I'd show you some living room inspiration because who doesn't like looking through these kinda photos?! Similarly to the bedroom decor, I love white walls because they add simplicity to a room and it means that the furnishings can be changed up every now and again, and you don't have to worry about clashing colours. I'm also loving rose gold and copper touches to a living room too because they add more warmth against neutral furniture compared to silver.

How would you decorate your living room space? 
What rooms are most important to you in a home?


Saturday, 14 November 2015


Being only 21 years old, I'm no expert on 'finding yourself' as I'm probably still going through that process myself. But I do know that over the past year when it comes to fashion and personal style, I've definitely got more of a taste of what I like and don't like to buy and wear. I think it's great that there are so many different styles, trends and tastes out there in the world of fashion and that everybody is an individual with unique style. One of the most important things I've come to realise, is that if you're not comfortable wearing something then it's obviously not something that is right for you - and I don't mean 'comfortable' as in slouchy lounge wear kinda comfy...I mean comfortable in who you are and what style you're trying to pull off. There's no point in following the latest trends and buying what everybody else is buying if 1) you don't actually like it and 2) if you don't feel like 'you' when wearing it. 

Over the past couple of years I've spent my time looking at other bloggers and celebrities and aspiring to look exactly like them (which a lot of young girls do). But now I'm a bit older I've come to the realisation that they are their own person, and I should also be my own person. It's absolutely fine having celebrity style inspirations but it's not healthy to focus on completely looking like them because obviously thats never going to happen! Just because they're wearing something, doesn't mean you also have to...because actually, what might suit them might not suit you in the same way. It's all about learning to dress for your body shape and enhancing your favourite parts of your body because then you will feel comfortable and more confident.

I've started to notice in my own style, that I tend to gravitate towards neutral colours and stay away from bold patterns and bright colour. This might sound really boring when imagining my grey, black, white and beige wardrobe, but its what I like and what I feel most like 'me' wearing. I also like to mix up textures in my wardrobe, and so even though I've got about 6 cream or black jumpers, actually each one has a different composition and texture to them, and they eat fit me differently. I'm very much into layering different textures and keeping things very simple with colours and patterns. I don't really own anything that has a 'pattern' on as such, but if I do then they tend to be monochrome or neutral colours...because it still keeps the outfit looking simple and chic.

Sometimes I feel as though I should 'branch out' a bit or 'step out of my comfort zone' when it comes to my style, but then I also don't see the point in buying a bright red, patterned top when I'm probably only going to wear it once. I'd much rather create a wardrobe of more timeless and simple pieces that I can wear differently and accessorise, rather than lots of things that don't go with anything. But thats my personal style preference...I love seeing different styles and people that can pull off amazing colours and patterns and you shouldn't be afraid to wear bolder items if thats what you are more drawn to. You shouldn't have to follow the latest trends and change your style for the current season if you're happy in how you look. If next Spring/Summer the latest trend is to wear all things yellow, then I wouldn't follow it. I'm much happier sticking to my colour palette of clothes with the one or two statement pieces. Don't feel pressured into being somebody that you're not and don't be afraid to show your personality through your style either.

Below I thought I'd share with you a few photos of my style and a few of my 'fashion inspo' photos from my Pinterest boards so that you can really see what my style is like. I feel a lot happier and content with myself over the past year just by accepting what my personal style is and not feeling the pressure to change it even if sometimes it may appear boring to some people. I hope that you are happy and comfortable in your chosen style...and if you're not then it's probably because you're still discovering what is it...which is fine!! I've spent a lot of time looking back on pictures of myself and thinking 'what the hell was I thinking wearing that' but it's good to experiment to see what you like and what you don't.

My style (lots of the same colours): 

My Pinterest fashion inspiration:

What is your go-to style? 
I'd love to know what your favourite colours to wear are and items that you always seem to be drawn to....


Thursday, 12 November 2015


I know that I mention lipsticks quite a lot in my blog posts, but I just can't get enough of them! They're definitely one of my favourite beauty items to buy because there are so many different formulas, shades and brands on the market, and it's something that you can easily change up in your make-up routine to completely change the look. As we're now fully into Autumn/Winter, I've been reaching for my darker lipstick shades a lot more, and prefer wearing brown/pink toned nudes instead of peach toned nudes. So I thought I'd share with you my top 6 current favourite lipsticks as I have been loving wearing them over the past couple of months....

Maybelline Colour Sensational - 630 Velvet Beige:
This is the most recent addition to my lipstick collection and I have been wearing it most days for the last month. I love the packaging for starters because it reminds me of rose gold which is my favourite and it looks very sleek. The formula is very long lasting and creamy which makes it very comfortable to wear on the lips for the whole day. It's a brown toned nude and is slightly darker than my natural lip colour which I like...oh and it also smells like toffees mmmmm!

Mac - Brave (Satin finish):
This was the first Mac lipstick that I ever bought and it is still one of my all time favourites. This is the lipstick I reach for when I want a 'your lips but better' kinda look and it is very long lasting. I usually wear this over my Mac Soar lipliner to give the illusion of fuller lips and I love the Satin finish because it's not as drying as a Matte finish, but still has the long lasting effect with a subtle healthy sheen.

Mac - Paramount (Satin finish):
This is the most recent addition to my Mac lipsticks and the reason I was drawn to this particular shade was because it was quite brown toned. I find with a lot of darker lipsticks they tend to have a more purple/red undertone, but I wanted something that was more brown. I had never heard of anybody else buying this shade before, but I really like it so far. It is very dark but you can build up the colour to how you like and I find it's wearable day and night during Winter.

Mac - Freckletone (Lustre finish):
This lipstick doesn't have much colour to it (maybe because my lips are slightly darker anyway) but it's a very light, sheer nude. I mostly like to wear this over the top of darker nude lipsticks to tone them down slightly, or give my lips a nice natural sheen. Even though the pigment isn't very strong, the Lustre finish makes it really hydrating and if you don't want to wear much lip product for an everyday look, this looks lovely on its own to give a healthy glow.

Mac - Media (Satin finish):
This colour is my go-to Autumn/Winter dark lipstick and it does come up very dark! I mostly wear this during the evenings rather than the day time but occasionally if I want to dress up a causal outfit during the day, adding this gives it more of an edge. I usually wear this over the top of my Mac Nightmoth lipliner and it lasts all night - even when drinking and eating!

Rimmel Kate Moss - 107:
This is an oldie but a goodie! The 107 lipstick is something that I've re-purchased over the years again and again and I just love it. The colour looks a lot darker in the bullet than when it's applied to the lips but it is a gorgeous deep red. It's also a Matte finish so wears really well all day and goes with almost any outfit. If I'm not sure which lipstick look to go for, then I'll always fall back onto this one.

What are your current favourite lipsticks?


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