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I'm not really a big reader when it comes to books - fashion magazines yes, but not books. I always love the idea of reading books, and buy them from time to time, but they always end up on the bookshelf with a bookmark in half way through. The only books I actually read from start to finish are either cook books, biographies or travel guides. But when I heard about this particular book, I was once again drawn into the thought of reading it and finishing it...but was that really going to happen?

Yes is the answer. Yes. I actually finished reading this book and in a record time of 5 days - something that has never happened. This book is called 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying' by Marie Kondo. You've probably heard of it by now, seeing as it's sold a massive 3 million copies worldwide! But if you haven't heard of it, its basically about learning to de-clutter your life in a logical way. Marie is a professional cleaner and expert de-clutterer that will teach you her method of a 'once clean, never-messy-again' approach to sorting out the mess in your surroundings. This book appealed to me massively, because I am a self-confessed shopaholic and toiletry hoarder. Anything to do with beauty, skincare or clothes I love...and I know that I'm an impulsive buyer. So I wanted to see if this book would inspire me to be ruthless and change my habits of buying unecessary items that don't actually add any value or joy to my life. 

Once I had read half of this book, I was already inspired to de-clutter my bedroom because I knew that there was so much I could get rid of...especially in all of my storage. I have soooo much storage, and I always think that it'll make my life more organised and I'll be able to find things easily, but actually it makes things worse. Storage is actually a disorganiser in my eyes, and I've realised that the boxes soon become jumbled up and overflowing and nothing has an order to them. This is something that Marie talks about in the book, and advises that too much storage will make you hoard more. You think that because you've got storage, it needs to be filled...and this ends up with them being filled with junk that you don't even need to own. So buy the end of my first de-cluttering session, I had condensed my under-bed storage down from 3 boxes and 2 suitcases, to 2 boxes and 1 suitcase...and 4 bin-bags of rubbish. I'd also tidied my book shelf and condensed 4 baskets down to 2 and sorted out a charity bag full of books. I couldn't believe how much stuff I had been collecting in those boxes, and how much of it wasn't being missed in my everyday life. I already felt so much happier after my mini-declutter session. I've also sorted out my colourful boxes from Paperchase, and I didn't want to get rid of these because they're really pretty, but I have now sorted out each one and actually have some empty ones!

Today I'm going to start on my make-up collection and only keep the products that I use regularly because whats the point in keeping things that are taking up surface space and collecting dust?! I feel like this book has completely opened my eyes to the world of de-cluttering, and whilst I'm not going to dramatically change my spending habits (I love shopping too much), I'm definitely going to think more about what I'm buying, and not buy items for the sake of it. I want to fill my room with things that bring me happiness and enjoyment, not things that will just be used once or twice. You know what they say....'a tidy house = a tidy mind' and that's definitely true.

    Buy this book here >> The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying

Have you found inspiration from a book recently?

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  1. I need to get my hands of this book as i am so untidy and I also can't let go of anything!!

    Lucy |


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