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As we're nearing the colder weather and Winter months, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite moisturisers in my collection. I feel that moisturisers should be an essential part of everybody's skincare routine night and day as well as all year round, but especially in winter. The colder weather can have a drying, dull effect on the way our skin feels and looks and a good moisturiser can make your skin feel healthy and glowing even in the dull weather.

My skin type is combination which means that I get an oily t-zone with some dry patches too, and so for me, a good moisturiser is very important to ensure that my make-up sits well on my skin and that the dry and oily patches balance each other out. But whatever your skin type, most beauty companies have the same moisturiser in a few different formulas to be able to cater for different skin problems and types.


For my everyday moisturiser I switch between two. The first one is the Origins GinZing Moisturiser which I love to use most days as the last step in my morning skincare routine before applying my make-up. Not only does this product smell amazing (like orange Starburst sweets) but it gives my skin a healthy glow on the days when I feel it's looking tired and dull. As you can see I've nearly finished this pot and I definitely need to re-purchase another one soon because I love it. All Origins products are amazing and I highly recommend them if you have slightly sensitive skin because the ingredients are organic. I feel like this moisturiser wakes me up in the morning and leaves my skin feeling really fresh.
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The other moisturiser that I sometimes use during the day instead of the Origins one, is the Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser. As you can see I've only got the travel size as I've just been testing it out, but so far so good. Liz Earle have different moisturisers to suit different skin types, and so I decided to pick up the one for oily/combination skin as I thought that would suit me best. It's a very lightweight formula and is very cooling on the skin which I like, and I often use this when I'm suffering from a breakout because I know that it won't add any extra oils onto my skin and isn't too heavy underneath make-up.
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For the past year I have really been getting into eye creams because I think it is really important to look after your eye area seeing as the skin around the eye is very delicate. Not only that, but I tend to get dry patches on my skin around the eye area, which can become quite red and sore. But since using this Keihls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado, I haven't suffered from nearly as many dry patches as before and my eye area feels very even and smooth. I usually use this product in my night time skin care routine as I like to leave it in to soak overnight. The product may also look quite small for the price but a little goes a long way!
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For my night time moisturiser which is the last step in my skin care routine before bed, I like to use the BodyShop Aloe Vera Night Cream. This is really soothing on the skin because it is targeted to more sensitive skin types (I suffer from breakouts easily so I class myself as having sensitive skin), but it is also very rich too. I prefer using a richer moisturiser at night because it has more time to sink in whilst you sleep and leaves your skin feeling extra nourished and restored in the morning. It's also a best seller!
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A brilliant moisturising product for when your skin is feeling a little neglected, stressed or tired is the Keihls Skin Rescuer. I have talked about this product in previous blog posts because it really is an amazing hydrator for the skin. It helps to reduce redness, fatigue and signs of stress on the skin and is great for after a holiday, night out or 'bad skin' situation. It is a very lightweight product yet has a rich and nourishing feeling to it, and I probably use this one or twice a week as an extra boost for my skin to make sure I maintain a healthy glow. This is definitely something that everybody should have in their skin care collection for that ultimate skin rescue! 
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What are your favourite moisturisers? 
Do you switch up your skin care routine for the Winter months?



  1. How expensive would you say these are? Am currently looking for affordable moisturizers .

    1. They range from around £12 (BodyShop) to around £28 (Keihls), but I've posted the links underneath each one to where you can purchase them so that you can get an exact price x

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