Thursday, 29 October 2015


Hello! I'm now in my third year of university, and whilst it's really fun and lovely living with your friends and not having to worry about 'grown up' stuff just yet, I can't help thinking about the next coming years and finally living in a 'proper' flat or house. With student living, the houses obviously aren't the type and style you would pick to live in usually as an adult, and most of them come with added mould, damp and unpredictable lightbulbs which is a right pain to say the least. But obviously it's great for now with living on a student budget and being able to live as a group too!

But moving on into the future I obviously think a lot about how I'd like to decorate and style my home (and also how to become a millionaire in the mean time), so I often find myself scrolling through Pinterest to get inspiration and ideas so that when the time comes to move into a 'proper' flat/house, I have an idea of how I'd like to decorate it. Recently I've found some amaaaazing bedroom inspiration on Pinterest which I thought I'd share with you today (who doesn't like looking at Pinterest photos?!). When I move into a new place I think I'd definitely start on decorating the bedroom first, because thats meant to be the place of relaxation and somewhere that you can escape to after a hard day (or just get lots of sleep).

I've always liked quite a minimalistic/contemporary style for interiors with white walls, neutral furnishings and small pops of colour. I also love the added touches of wood to make it more cosy as well as plants and ornaments to give a bit of character and texture to the room. (I think you can definitely tell my style through these pictures anyway!)

My Pinterest >>  click here
Let me know what kind of style you'd decorate your home in, and if you know of any inspiring interior blogs I should be reading!


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