Saturday, 31 October 2015


As we're nearing the colder weather and Winter months, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite moisturisers in my collection. I feel that moisturisers should be an essential part of everybody's skincare routine night and day as well as all year round, but especially in winter. The colder weather can have a drying, dull effect on the way our skin feels and looks and a good moisturiser can make your skin feel healthy and glowing even in the dull weather.

My skin type is combination which means that I get an oily t-zone with some dry patches too, and so for me, a good moisturiser is very important to ensure that my make-up sits well on my skin and that the dry and oily patches balance each other out. But whatever your skin type, most beauty companies have the same moisturiser in a few different formulas to be able to cater for different skin problems and types.


For my everyday moisturiser I switch between two. The first one is the Origins GinZing Moisturiser which I love to use most days as the last step in my morning skincare routine before applying my make-up. Not only does this product smell amazing (like orange Starburst sweets) but it gives my skin a healthy glow on the days when I feel it's looking tired and dull. As you can see I've nearly finished this pot and I definitely need to re-purchase another one soon because I love it. All Origins products are amazing and I highly recommend them if you have slightly sensitive skin because the ingredients are organic. I feel like this moisturiser wakes me up in the morning and leaves my skin feeling really fresh.
Shop >> here 


The other moisturiser that I sometimes use during the day instead of the Origins one, is the Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser. As you can see I've only got the travel size as I've just been testing it out, but so far so good. Liz Earle have different moisturisers to suit different skin types, and so I decided to pick up the one for oily/combination skin as I thought that would suit me best. It's a very lightweight formula and is very cooling on the skin which I like, and I often use this when I'm suffering from a breakout because I know that it won't add any extra oils onto my skin and isn't too heavy underneath make-up.
Shop >> here


For the past year I have really been getting into eye creams because I think it is really important to look after your eye area seeing as the skin around the eye is very delicate. Not only that, but I tend to get dry patches on my skin around the eye area, which can become quite red and sore. But since using this Keihls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado, I haven't suffered from nearly as many dry patches as before and my eye area feels very even and smooth. I usually use this product in my night time skin care routine as I like to leave it in to soak overnight. The product may also look quite small for the price but a little goes a long way!
Shop >> here


For my night time moisturiser which is the last step in my skin care routine before bed, I like to use the BodyShop Aloe Vera Night Cream. This is really soothing on the skin because it is targeted to more sensitive skin types (I suffer from breakouts easily so I class myself as having sensitive skin), but it is also very rich too. I prefer using a richer moisturiser at night because it has more time to sink in whilst you sleep and leaves your skin feeling extra nourished and restored in the morning. It's also a best seller!
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A brilliant moisturising product for when your skin is feeling a little neglected, stressed or tired is the Keihls Skin Rescuer. I have talked about this product in previous blog posts because it really is an amazing hydrator for the skin. It helps to reduce redness, fatigue and signs of stress on the skin and is great for after a holiday, night out or 'bad skin' situation. It is a very lightweight product yet has a rich and nourishing feeling to it, and I probably use this one or twice a week as an extra boost for my skin to make sure I maintain a healthy glow. This is definitely something that everybody should have in their skin care collection for that ultimate skin rescue! 
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What are your favourite moisturisers? 
Do you switch up your skin care routine for the Winter months?


Thursday, 29 October 2015


Hello! I'm now in my third year of university, and whilst it's really fun and lovely living with your friends and not having to worry about 'grown up' stuff just yet, I can't help thinking about the next coming years and finally living in a 'proper' flat or house. With student living, the houses obviously aren't the type and style you would pick to live in usually as an adult, and most of them come with added mould, damp and unpredictable lightbulbs which is a right pain to say the least. But obviously it's great for now with living on a student budget and being able to live as a group too!

But moving on into the future I obviously think a lot about how I'd like to decorate and style my home (and also how to become a millionaire in the mean time), so I often find myself scrolling through Pinterest to get inspiration and ideas so that when the time comes to move into a 'proper' flat/house, I have an idea of how I'd like to decorate it. Recently I've found some amaaaazing bedroom inspiration on Pinterest which I thought I'd share with you today (who doesn't like looking at Pinterest photos?!). When I move into a new place I think I'd definitely start on decorating the bedroom first, because thats meant to be the place of relaxation and somewhere that you can escape to after a hard day (or just get lots of sleep).

I've always liked quite a minimalistic/contemporary style for interiors with white walls, neutral furnishings and small pops of colour. I also love the added touches of wood to make it more cosy as well as plants and ornaments to give a bit of character and texture to the room. (I think you can definitely tell my style through these pictures anyway!)

My Pinterest >>  click here
Let me know what kind of style you'd decorate your home in, and if you know of any inspiring interior blogs I should be reading!


Tuesday, 27 October 2015


I've had this product for a while now but haven't really given it a proper try until now. It's the Bobbi Brown Corrector which helps to brighten under the eyes and hide discolouration and darkness on the skin. I usually get dark circles underneath my eyes when I'm tired, which I just cover up with foundation or concealer, but my skin still continues to look dull and dark. So when I was recommended this product by a friend, I thought it would be the perfect answer to brighten up my under eye area, and make me look more awake. 

The formula of this product is lovely and makes it very easy to blend underneath the eyes. I find sometimes that concealer is a bit heavy for under the eyes as it's a delicate area and sometimes it can look too cakey and thick. However this is very light and can be applied with a finger by dabbing it in the areas that it's needed in. I've been wearing this underneath my make-up for the last week now, and have found that my eyes look brighter and less dull (even if I'm still feeling tired inside...nobody will know!) I've also been using this product around my nose area and on any scars on my face as the peachy undertones help to disguise any darker pigmentation on my face. Overall my skin looks a lot smoother and brighter and I will continue to use this underneath my everyday make-up.

The product is £19.00 and the shade I have got is called 'Bisque' which is a peach toned corrector. I highly recommend getting advice in store about which shade to buy because each corrector shade will target a different issue such as redness, darkness, scarring etc. The product may look very small for the price, but actually a little goes a long way and I have barely touched the surface. It's very easy to blend out and so you don't need to plaster this on heavily - just use your normal concealer and foundation on top as usual for extra coverage.

BEFORE - discolouration/darkness under the eyes:

AFTER - noticeably brighter under eyes:

I'm really happy with the outcome of this product and will definitely invest in some more Bobbi Brown make-up, because I think the quality is worth every penny. Goodbye dark circles - hello bright eyes!

You can shop this product >> here

Have you found any new products lately that have changed how your everyday make-up looks?


Thursday, 22 October 2015


Recently I went into H&M for a browse as always, and came across their new beauty collection. I was so surprised to see how many products there were in their new range, and how sophisticated the packaging looked. I've never really been into the thought of buying H&M make-up before, because I just assumed that the quality wouldn't be great and I just didn't see how it fitted into the overall brand. 

However, I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw the new collection in store. The packaging is very simple yet appears very high quality and there is a very wide range of products. They have got everything on offer from base products, to eye products and also lip, cheek and nail products. They've got so many eyeshadow shades that I didn't even know where to start looking and so many nail polishes that look like they will be a really good dupe for Essie. 

I decided to pick up an eyeshadow stick in an olive green shade and also a nude lipgloss. I didn't want to go overboard with buying just in case they didn't turn out to be as good as they looked. I'd been looking for an olive toned eye shadow for quite a while now, and I thought that the stick would be easy to apply and also the pigment looked good on the first swatch in store. I also decided to go with a nude lipgloss as I'd been buying a lot of lipsticks lately, and so thought it would be good to have an everyday lip option that is wearable on its own or on top of other products too. 

My thoughts on the eyeshadow stick on first use is great. I love the colour pay-off and its very easily blend-able on the eyelids. It doesn't feel heavy to wear on the eyes and you can also build the colour up to make it darker if you want to. I love the shade for Autumn/Winter time and I think it will be a great alternative to a grey smokey eye look. It's also got a slight shimmer to it which I love to wear around this time of year - especially leading up to the Christmas party season! I can't wait to try out some of the other colours soon.

As for the lipgloss, I don't feel like its blown me away. I like the feel of it on my lips because its not heavy or sticky and therefore easy to wear for a day to day look. But I was hoping that there would be more colour pigment in the gloss rather than just being a sheer shine. I definitely think that this lipgloss is one to wear over a nude lipstick and not on its own. Having said that, maybe a darker shade in the gloss would have more pigment in it so that its wearable on its own. The applicator is nice and soft too and makes the application quick and easy. However for me I was quite disappointed that the shade I thought it would be wasn't quite how it came out. But the formula is definitely very wearable and comfortable and for the price you can't really complain!

You can shop their beauty collection >> here

Have you tried any of the new collection? 
Which products are your favourites from the range? 


Tuesday, 20 October 2015


One of my favourite things to do during the Autumn months is to go on lovely walks at the weekend through the forest and countryside, taking in the crisp air, adventuring through the woods and looking at all of the beautiful colours in the trees. (There's also a bonus of having a pub lunch at the end of the walk which is always an added incentive I think). So this weekend just gone, me and my boyfriend Charlie decided to have a day out in the area of Beaulieu, which is in the New Forest National Park. The New Forest is filled with a number of different routes to follow for walking and many little villages/towns dotted around for lunch stops. We decided to take the approach of 'walk in a direction and see where you end up' kind of plan, which worked out pretty well as we didn't get completely lost! There are also hundreds of wild horses roaming around which is really nice to see, and most of them are very tame and friendly, so they will come up to say hello too.

Autumn country walks are the perfect opportunity to wrap up warm in your favourite coat and boots and I love the feeling of being outside in the cold air when you're suitably dressed for it! My new Zara coat was perfect for this day, because its very insulated, warm and waterproof without being too bulky, and it also has a zip-out hood for if it starts raining (and you don't want to get caught out in a rain storm in the middle of a forest trust me!). I also decided to wear my Pied et Terre knee-high boots because I thought they would prevent my jeans from getting ruined if there were any muddy patches. They're also really comfortable and are definitely a staple in my shoe collection, and they continue to make a re-appearance every year around this time.

My checked shirt is a new purchase and is something that I felt I was lacking from my wardrobe. I love shirts because they're so easy to throw on and you can layer them under or over different things to change up the look. I always get really hot when I go on a walk and so I thought this would be a good thing to wear underneath my coat because I could roll the sleeves up or down and also do a few buttons up if need be to alternate my body temperature. I also like to wear them oversized so it gives off a more relaxed and casual vibe to my style.

What I wore:
T-shirt: Zara (
Jeans - Topshop (
Boots - Pied A Terre (Similar -

Are there any items in your wardrobe that make an annual re-appearance? 

What things do you love doing in the Autumn?

Saturday, 17 October 2015


I'm not really a big reader when it comes to books - fashion magazines yes, but not books. I always love the idea of reading books, and buy them from time to time, but they always end up on the bookshelf with a bookmark in half way through. The only books I actually read from start to finish are either cook books, biographies or travel guides. But when I heard about this particular book, I was once again drawn into the thought of reading it and finishing it...but was that really going to happen?

Yes is the answer. Yes. I actually finished reading this book and in a record time of 5 days - something that has never happened. This book is called 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying' by Marie Kondo. You've probably heard of it by now, seeing as it's sold a massive 3 million copies worldwide! But if you haven't heard of it, its basically about learning to de-clutter your life in a logical way. Marie is a professional cleaner and expert de-clutterer that will teach you her method of a 'once clean, never-messy-again' approach to sorting out the mess in your surroundings. This book appealed to me massively, because I am a self-confessed shopaholic and toiletry hoarder. Anything to do with beauty, skincare or clothes I love...and I know that I'm an impulsive buyer. So I wanted to see if this book would inspire me to be ruthless and change my habits of buying unecessary items that don't actually add any value or joy to my life. 

Once I had read half of this book, I was already inspired to de-clutter my bedroom because I knew that there was so much I could get rid of...especially in all of my storage. I have soooo much storage, and I always think that it'll make my life more organised and I'll be able to find things easily, but actually it makes things worse. Storage is actually a disorganiser in my eyes, and I've realised that the boxes soon become jumbled up and overflowing and nothing has an order to them. This is something that Marie talks about in the book, and advises that too much storage will make you hoard more. You think that because you've got storage, it needs to be filled...and this ends up with them being filled with junk that you don't even need to own. So buy the end of my first de-cluttering session, I had condensed my under-bed storage down from 3 boxes and 2 suitcases, to 2 boxes and 1 suitcase...and 4 bin-bags of rubbish. I'd also tidied my book shelf and condensed 4 baskets down to 2 and sorted out a charity bag full of books. I couldn't believe how much stuff I had been collecting in those boxes, and how much of it wasn't being missed in my everyday life. I already felt so much happier after my mini-declutter session. I've also sorted out my colourful boxes from Paperchase, and I didn't want to get rid of these because they're really pretty, but I have now sorted out each one and actually have some empty ones!

Today I'm going to start on my make-up collection and only keep the products that I use regularly because whats the point in keeping things that are taking up surface space and collecting dust?! I feel like this book has completely opened my eyes to the world of de-cluttering, and whilst I'm not going to dramatically change my spending habits (I love shopping too much), I'm definitely going to think more about what I'm buying, and not buy items for the sake of it. I want to fill my room with things that bring me happiness and enjoyment, not things that will just be used once or twice. You know what they say....'a tidy house = a tidy mind' and that's definitely true.

    Buy this book here >> The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying

Have you found inspiration from a book recently?

Thursday, 15 October 2015


I've been searching around for a while now for the perfect sleeveless jacket. I wanted a neutral colour that would go easily with most of my wardrobe, and also wanted one that was slightly more bulky so that it could act as my top layer to keep me warm in the colder seasons. I'm also a big TOPSHOP fan as most of you probably know already, and so when I found this sleeveless coat in their new collection I was extremely happy!

I love the material because it is super soft and comfortable, as well as being really warm which is a big bonus. Most of the sleeveless jackets I had tried on in other stores were either too thin to be outerwear, or were made of rough material that didn't really hang well, but this one ticks all the right boxes for what I wanted. I also love the pale grey colour which will go with other neutral tones as well as brighter colours such as pinks, blues and greens. It has poppers down the front to fasten as well as a tie which I like both done up and undone - depending on what I'm wearing underneath. I wore it the other day to university, and usually I get quite hot on the walk as its mostly uphill..but this kept me the perfect temperature as I was able to wear a thin layer underneath which kept my arms cooler. 

This was £50 which I know is a bit pricey, but I think it is a staple piece to have in a wardrobe, and will see you through as a transitional piece from Winter to Spring too! Plus it comes in other colours such as navy, black, and burgundy if you'd prefer it in a darker shade.  Thank you TOPSHOP for finding me my jacket of dreaaaaaaams.

You can shop this here >> Sleeveless Belted Coat

Also wearing:
TOPSHOP 'Jamie' jeans
Office boots
TOPSHOP cropped high neck jumper
Modalu 'Pipper' handbag

Have you bought any new staples for your winter wardrobe?
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