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There are many aspects of our lives that can contribute towards feeling stressed, and it is different for every individual as to what triggers this. For me, I get stressed about money (student life is financially draining), career choices and whether I'm making the right decisions in life, and also having too many things on the go at once! But I've realised that there are different ways to overcome this stressful feeling, and I have found a few particular ways that help me to relax when things are getting a bit too I thought I'd share some of these tips with you!

We all go through times where we feel like nothing is getting better and only worse, and this can cause you to not only feel mentally drained but also physically drained! When I'm stressed I get really tired easily because my brain is thinking in over-load mode, and also suffer from headaches, which then makes my mood worse (and nobody wants to be around that!). Sometimes the things that are making you stressed cannot be dealt with and fixed straight away. It might take time before those stressors go out of your life completely, and this is why I decided to take some time into thinking what will help make things better in those stressful situations, if the thing that is making me stressed can't be fixed at that moment. 

Look up - it might sound strange, but sometimes when you're feeling stressed it feels like there is no escape. I often feel trapped in the situation that I'm stressing about, and think that there is no way out or resolution to the problem. However, take the time to go outside even if it's only for a minute, and look up! There is always going to be so much more space above you than there is around you, and there's something about looking up the clouds going by that is calming! It's good to remember that you do have the space to breathe and relax, even if your mind is doing overtime!

Calm app - a while ago I downloaded the 'Calm' app onto my phone. This app is really great in helping you empty your mind and find a calm place. You can use the app to suit you, and can change the music, background and also time. For example, it doesn't matter whether you've got 5 spare minutes or 45 spare minutes, you can use the app for however long you like at a time. There is a voice you can listen to which helps you to empty your mind of all thoughts and focus completely on that moment which really helps me to forget about the negative things I'm thinking about. Or you can listen to different sounds e.g. Waves, trees in the wind or rain which will play for your chosen time whilst you listen and find you calm space in your mind. I love this app and it's great for any length of time...I usually use it for 10 minutes a week to ensure that I'm taking time out for myself, and having a quiet moment really helps in a busy schedule.

Calm book - after the Calm app was brought out and was really successful, the creators decided to write a book called Calm. This book is £9.99 and I actually bought mine in Urban Outfitters, although it can be found on Amazon, Waterstones and other major book stores too. This book is based on the app and is lovely to read especially before bedtime to calm your mind. There are loads of useful tips on how to de-stress and relax the mind, as well as little interactive pages which allow you to document things such as '3 things that made me happy today'. I think this is a really cute idea because it allows you to think about positive aspects in your life and things that make you happy. 

Make a list - most of the time, my stress is caused because I have too many things going on at once and it all gets on top of me. Usually I'm quite good with organisation but there are times when I have too many tasks to do in a short space of time and my brain goes something like...'ahhhhhhh' (internal scream). So I find it really helpful to make a list, and visualise all the tasks I've got to do. Then once you've completed something you can tick it off the list or cross it off, and it becomes one less thing on your mind! Seeing things visually written down helps to remember them better and also helps to organise your brain! You can also list tasks in order of importance or time scale too which also helps when decided what to do first! Theres something really satisfying about ticking things off a list, and knowing that it can be one less thing on your mind.

I hope this has helped give you a few ideas on how to cope with stress, and gain an insight on what really helps me! Have you got any other tips for coping with stress? I'd love to hear them!

Love Emily x


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